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If any one shares my goals?

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Hi, My name is Melissa. I am trying very hard to start a weight loss journey but I greatly lack motivation. I would love to make some new friends to help me along in this journey and vice versa. I am trying to lose 30 pounds in the next 4 months. If any one shares my goals please give me a shout out.


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I'm trying to loose 30 lbs.  I started in December and my goal is mid July.  I think 30 lbs in 4 months would be rather difficult if 30 lbs lighter is very fit (as oppose to just a starting point).  I started with wanting to loose 10 lbs by New Years which I did, but then I gained some back.  Now I'm trying to train for a half marathon.  Therefore I've shifted from loosing weight to building muscle.  After the run I'll still have a few months to slim down and reach my weight goal.

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