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How old were you when you had your first kiss?

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I'm curious. Sorry if this is a repetitive topic- I'm sure someone else has posted this before, but I didn't find it. old were you? I'm 14...and I still havent had one. Also, how old were you when you first started dating? That may be the same question, in some cases, but I'm curious about that too :)


EDIT: I was kissed by my bf on my 15th birthday- it was perfect and amazingly awkward :) Thanks for everybody's answers!

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hehe i was really old. You ain't got nothing to worry about at 14!

I was 19, drunk, and it was with a girl! o.O 

I was 16 when I first started dating, 16 when i had my first kiss :)

I was worried about it for a long time, that I was taking too long, then around late age 15/early 16 I began to just chill and enjoy and of course, then it finally happened.  Don't stress, it'll come!

I was 14. Be patient and wait for the right time.

My first kiss was with some 17 year old while I was in the Bahamas. Trust me, it was great and boosted my confidence, but sometimes I really wish my first kiss could've meant something more.

Erm, well...

 I would consider myself straight (bicurious probably, I do find girls veeery attractive) but as of yet, I have only kissed girls! Hehe, not quite sure how that keeps happening... My first kiss was at 14-15...With my best friend over a bottle of vodka! I swear, its not as bad as it sounds...

Ooh, actually yes I did kiss my ex once, but he had a weird thing about kissing, he hated it! We tended to just hug...Yeah, that was a weird relationship =\


My first kiss was when i was 13! big mistake with a total wrong guy so just make sure that your actually in a relationship first! And a year later i got my first boyfriend and hes the guy im with today! And im near 18 so :D nearly 3 years! Be patient dont rush things because youl regret doing it if its not right! xx
I had mine when I was 15 - and it was amazing. I'm not with the guy anymore (I'm 19) but it was definitely something special!
i was 7. some kid in my kindegarten class pulled me behind a tree and kissed me during recess. it wasn't really a kiss, it was actually just having a tounge shoved down my throat. puke.

but um. first real one was when i was 14. a couple months ago actually. :]
I'm twenty and I've never been kissed!!! 
i'm 17, had the oppurtunity to, never took it. :)
15. he'd just gotten back from a trip to england, and we went to the park near my house, and sat by the stream.

OBVIOUSLY it happened.

but it was surprising too. he didn't know it was my first time, and i was WAY WEIRDED OUT when his tongue came down my throat! :P

but, you know, unless it's with the right person and all, like everyone else said...
I was in second grade (so probably 8-9ish or so).  A fine young lady by the name of Corinne.  :)
I was 14 when i had my first proper kiss with my then boyfriend, it wasn't good but wasnt bad either, just a kiss.
20 years old and never been kissed (had PLENTY of offers, but I want to wait for the perfect guy!).....I might be waiting a while, cuz they seem to be few and far between. lol.
My first kiss was at 16. I was a nervous lad.
last month actually =] 15.
first started dating at 14, but that one was stupid, and i broke up with him.  my boyfriend now is amazing.  don't kiss/go out with someone just to have kissed/gone out with someone. make sure you really like em =]

My first kiss was by some random buy when I was 8. But my first REAL kiss was with my boyfriend (ex, now) at 14 in my kitchen.

Don't rush anything. Love really can change who you are. I was a sensisble, self conscious, shy 14 year old and less than 6 months later I'd basically lost my virginity. You really don't get better with age.

i had mine at like 12

but that was just a peck on the lips

i havent had my first real kiss (im 14) but i rather wait then regret it 

real kiss? like not the ones on the playground? hehe...

15. First real relationship too. And you know what? He was a sucky kisser :-) and he didn't get better even though we had 5 months worth of practice before breaking up

I was in the sixth grade when I had my first kiss. It was the worst kiss I had ever had, not to mention the fact that I was shaking like crazy haha. 

I got my first boyfriend in like the fourth grade. It wasn't a real relationship, but he is one of my best friends now.
15 :-D
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