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Need gift suggestions for a 17-year-old female. (Help!)

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Help! I need to purchase several gifts for a 17-year-old female who I have never met. 

I do know her clothing sizes (but not her height/hair color), and that she likes country music, and that she likes pink, purple, red, orange and lime green. Oh, and chocolate.  She has pierced ears.

I am permitted to buy gift cards, but only for $25 each ... so I can get four cards, but they have to be from four different stores.

Part of me thinks I should get four gift cards and let HER decide what she wants ... and part of me thinks that getting her at least 1-2 things to open on Christmas is nice, too.

HELP!  Suggestions? What to buy? Where to get gift cards from? Where to even start?

=^..^= MOLLY

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hmm im 17-year-old-female what would i want...

uhh i kinda think gift cards are nice.. why dont you get her 2 gift cards &an actual present?

maybe old navy? i think most people like old navy, and it's pretty affordable, so she could take $25 a long way.

do you know if she has an ipod? you could get her an itunes gift card.

Well I just happen to be a 17 year old female myself! =P

This year I asked for some gift cards, but not the ones for specific places.  Just the old general Visa gift cards work very nicely (since I'm not old enough to have a debit card, it enables me to do some online shopping which I LOVE, or it can be used anywhere!)

Also, does she like games or have any gaming systems that you know of?  I know games always work well for those who play =)

Hmm I'll keep thinking and let you know as I come up with some!  I'm in the process of making my Christmas list so as I add I'll add here!

If she has longer hair, you could get her some scarves in the colors she likes.  I think they're still popular (I'm old....a little out of touch), but I've seen the younger girls with scarves in their hair and then the end kind of hang down a bit.

Does she read?  Is there a particular author she likes?  Hmmmm, I guess that's all I can come up with....I'm trying to think of "generic" yet thoughtful gifts...If I come across any...I'll let you know! 

Hmmm... I'm not far off from 17, and I would say get her 2 giftcards, (oldnavy, itunes,bath & body works, Target maybe?) and maybe a basket of lotions and soaps and stuff. Ooh, and slippers! Everyone loves slippers.
What about a visa gift card? that way you don't have to pick a specific store and hope she likes the stuff there. And an itunes card is a great idea!
For one of the gifts, you could get her a scarf and gloves for the winter, if she lives somewhere cold. I'm really cold right now, so I know I would love that! :)

I have two daughters and they like Hollister, Abercrombie and Fitch, (more expensive) Forever 21 and Wet Seal.  They also like Target but hate Walmart.  They love to get Target gift cards.  For country music, They like, LOVE, Rascal Flatts. Also, Carrie Underwood. 

 If she drives a gas card would be nice.  As for jewelry, White gold or silver, no yellow gold, they hate it. 

If she is more preppy J Crew has very colorful scarves, hats and gloves. 

good luck!

What about a visa gift card? that way you don't have to pick a specific store and hope she likes the stuff there.

i second that
I forgot, Old Navy, you can't go wrong

How about this? 

A $50 Visa gift card (usable anywhere -- even online) ... and a gift basket from Bath and Body works with some yummy chocolates (from Target) and a pair of sterling silver earrings added into it? (Cute hoops or something like that!)

Do you think that would work?

=^..^= MOLLY

i think that sounds like a good way to go.
that sounds good

OOH yeah! I personally love all things from bath and bodyworks. xD
I think that sounds Perfect! It's more personal than just entirely gift cards- Plus you have more to wrap! I'll have to come to you when I'm looking for gift ideas... haha

I'd say the general Visa card would be better...I'm a preppy girl and I had Oldnavy...something about only having sizes L-XXL pisses some girls off...but.. I'd say 2 gift cards would be awesome...don't even try to guess on jewlery...

Bath and Body Works however =D every girl likes

Movie gift cards are good too.  Maybe for a carwash/oil change/gas if she has a car.  I tunes, Old Navy, I think she should have at least one thing to open.  I like the earrings idea (if her ears are pierced)
Am i the only person here that absolutely hates old navy?  Any ways just in case she's anything like me, I'd give her the option with the visa.  Do you know if she's a creative girl?  I love to paint myself but supplies can get expensive so maybe some paint or something like that.
No unforgotten you’re not the only one that dislikes old navy. Walking in the store makes my skin crawl and my 18-year-old sister dislikes it too. Molly’s gift sounds good to me.
i love old navy! they always have everything in every size, and the clothes is so cute! maybe a little preppy, but awesome.
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