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I really need a buddy!

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Okay. I really need a buddy! I am about 5'1 ish and I currently weight 149 My goal right now is 125.  Thanksgiving killed me. :( I really need to get on track! Thanks.

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Well, if Thanksgiving doesn't then leftovers will!  They must be gotten rid of or destroyed at all costs!!  I will have to do two exercise sessions, each day of this four day holiday, to get rid of all the extra fat taken in one day of "Thanksgiving!" 

But really, accountability starts now!  Thanksgiving is one day, it's now back to reality.  If you really want to make goal you will have to do the hard work to get there.  I truly worked out yesterday and today and my short term goal is to work out tomorrow and Sunday too!  Even if that just means moving around during the commercials or getting up and folding the laundry "Right Now" instead of later. 

Just try to get your body moving, doing something that doesn't involve food.  And the more you do it (no I wasn't going to say the easier it gets) the more you will crave the good feelings it will give you. 

As Yoda said "Try not, just do!"  Good luck to all of us.

Haha, thanks! I really like those words of wisdom!

I'll be your buddy. ((: I'm looking to lose another 20 pounds or so. I've been looking for someone to do it with, as well.

Reply with details about how you want to go about doing things, and we can work from there? (:

I would totally be your budy!!

We have really similar stats:I am 5'1 ish too!! msg me

I'm 4'11", 127 lbs trying to get down to 105. Since we're both shorties with similar amounts of weight to lose, I'll be your buddy! Let me know if you want to, just message me. I gained 10 lbs recently and really need to lose it and then some.

I just joined here and I need a buddy too! :-)

Thanks everyone!

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I need a buddy as well.  I am 6' 2" and typically weigh 175.  I went up to 180 over the holiday.  Let me know if you are interested in becoming an accountability buddy.

I am definatly intrested! :)

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How does this work? I am new to it- and would like to do the buddy thing on private email. Is there a way to connect with out putting my email an this public post?

I did better today. Salad for dinner and mostly fruit during the day . How about you?
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