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Are these measurements bad?

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121 pounds-

Chest- 32


Hips- 32

Thighs- 20

I feel like my thighs are huge! No matter how much weight I lose they always stay fat.

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sweetie. your thighs are supposed to be fat :) even at 78 lbs., i feel like mine are fat. males store fat in their belly area (hence the paunchy beer bellies that we all know so well from our dads ;D) while as females store fat in areas lower to that, such as our hips and thighs. you can't do anything to get rid of this thigh fat other than going under the knife and chopping it off. and i don't even think that's legal haha!

We have the same measurements, apart from I'm a few pounds lighter! What height are you? No, those measurements are fine hun, I get called thin, so you will be the same :)

Your measurements are just fine. You seem very slender. If your thighs bother you, you should try doing some squats and lunges daily. This will make your legs appear firmer. While your measurements are likely to stay the same (we've all heard there's no such thing as spot reducing), having more muscle in your thighs will make you feel better about them.


Out of curiosity -- where/ how do people measure their hips? I feel like I might be doing it wrong!

Your measurements sound fine, hon. Please try not to worry about it too much.  I'm sure you and your thighs look great :)

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