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How do you make your boobs smaller.

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._. I haven't been on in a whiiile, so if you see my other topic, don't mind it. I was an idiot back then. Yeah, I still want to lose weight, but whatver.


.-. Anyways, how do you make your bewbies smaller? Yesh, please don't ask why, and if you do, I'll be forced to tell you the truth....Main stuff I've heard..:

1) Weight Loss- Yes pls.

2) Push-ups, or working that area of muscles...? (I don't want to look butch and all muscular though x__x)

3) SOME SORT OF "BRA". Or taping/wrapping it down. I'm afraid this will damage them or make them deformed or something. x__x If this one doesn't really damage/deform your chest, then I will prolly use this one? Once in a while, I'd rather get rid of them more permanently. Plus, these one's are for people who actually have really huge...chests? @__@\\


=] Please and thank you.

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well, im alwasy on a quet to make mine bigger but all ive been able to do is shrink them. fat loss is number one- boobs are mostly faty tissue so the less fat you carry the less boobs you have. ive heard both sides concerning if weight training makes your boobs bigger or smaller- for me it seems to give them a boost making them perkier and more lifted, but definetly not bigger, just shaped better, so i guess you can take that or leave it. wearing sports bras keeps them puched in, and looking smaller, and dont worry it will absolutely not damage them in any way. its actually good to wear sports bras because the extra support fights the tendancy to sag now or later in life. get a good sports bra- one that doesnt have individual cups and watch them dissappear, believe me, i know unfortunately

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I have always been larger than most of my friends, although not huge. BUT I trained for a half marathon last spring and that was the smallest mine have ever gotten. The reason being is that I lost a lot of body fat. Since they are primarily fat and tissue that is the only thing you can do. Muscle work will make them perkier possibly because your muscle will be holding up your chest muscles, but certainly not smaller. Consume less fat, do more cardio :)

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When you tell someone not to do something it gives more reason to do it!!!

WHY do you want to make your boobs smaller???

 It depends on what you are trying to do. Is this a long term thing or one day thing?

 oh yea! im glad you grew out of that "Need to be skinny" phase.

clw: T__T oh yeah, that phase is long gone. now it's...i wanna be slim, but still be able to kick people's bumbums when needed. xP


LOL, so, uh...I want to do it so...ok, I lied, I'm not telling you. >o<


P.S. Long term. Loooong term. Emphasis on the long. and term.

meagan: :O Wow, very specific and a lot of info! ^^ Thanks!! Do you know where I can get a good sports bra... .-. I'm not good at shopping, and ESPECIALLY not at buying...those things. x__x

jenn: Bahh on fat. I needs to get rid of the blob hanging around my waist. =[

and does running really make you lose the fat in that area too? :O


PLUS, if anyone is wondering why I am posting a seperate comment to each of them is because it is easier for me that way AND AND AND I swear it used to be like an ACTUAL reply or something (so like that one person gets the comment notification, when I click 'Reply' on their comment. SO, yeah @__@ I'm sorta confused now cuz I'm noob all over again on this site (not that I was ever pro or anything). D: sorry if you are all getting these comments...x__x

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lol! cute!

ok! so don't take offence if some don't apply to you.

1. if you are doing it because you have a large chest. Find a bra with little to no padding.

2. if you are doing it because you are going for the no chest "boyish look" (catch my drift) then fitted sports bra and fitted "wife beater"(tank top) under clothes.

* taping is not that great of an idea ( if it is too tight it can create lumps where it is too tight). there are other reasons why this is not that great of an idea...

but I'm not sure how old you are sooo...

hope this helps


lol >o< don’t worry i wont take offence. xD i didn’t even post my age and information up, so you guys don’t know =3

1. fufufu, i don’t think this one applies to me. xP

2. YES YES. =D you guessed it! ^__^ amazing! -claps- and like i asked Meagan, where DO you buy these types of sports bras? @__@’’ (and for a second confirmation (1st is from jenn xP), they DON’T damage/deform them, correct?)


wait, wait, wait. omg, taping/wrapping not a good idea? :O wow i didn’t know that that stuff was very different from sports bras xD >o<


P.S. I’m 15, turning 16 this april. eww, i sound old, but im not! my mental capacity is...o_O


weight loss (best exercise i find for this is running)

and pushups.


and, when i do sports and need less "bewbies" i wear champion sports bras. Women-Champion/Women_ShopByCategory-Champion/ Women_SportsBras-Champion/Women_SportsBras_Be stsellers-Champion/CH2893.aspx

i have two pairs of that, and i love them.

internation chick: :O again, a vote for running! ^^ running it is...and push up :D

i can't see the picture for some reason =\ so lol, ill take your word for it that its good? ^^ xD

I wouldn't recommend you do this on a regular basis because it could be damaging but sometimes, if im wearing a dress this would look better on a flat chested person, i wrap my boobies with saran wrap. I expand my chest the widest it can go and then wrap it so that i will be able to breath the rest of the day. Its not the best thing in the world because 1) it gets really hot under there and 2) when you move, it sounds like your smuggling grocery bags :P But of course i only do this when i have no other choice.

You can only make your breasts smaller by losing weight and, even then, it's not guaranteed.  Sports bras will flatten everything slightly but you can end up looking 'lumpy'  and shapeless as a result.  A well-fitting underwired bra tha lifts everything UP will give you a waistline - much more flattering.   Any kind of binding is going to be pretty uncomfortable.

Clever dressing is another way forward.   Different clothing styles can draw attention to or away from a large bust   Polo neck sweaters, for example, are a big no-no because the high neck makes a large bust look bigger.  Whereas v-neck sweaters make a large bust look smaller.  Avoid double-breasted jackets or coats.... single breasted is more flattering.    There are lots of things you can do. 

I have the same problem! I'm a Dcup and they're frickin gigantic! I've heard that losing weight will lose the fat from the boob. And push ups and bench presses are great for the perkiness. =]

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wuz up kiddo,

I would say look for high impact sports bras. I dont have one particular brand but it is a good idea to look for them in sporty type stores (sports academy).

saran wrap (hahaha) dont do it plz.

1st- your parents will have a fun time trying to catch the saran wrap bandit :)

2st- it can create lumps if it get to tight.

3rd- saran can get tighter through out the day (would not be comfy)

* pus the sweat, plastic and flesh  marinating for hours... NOT THA BIZZNAZZ (not good in case you never heard that phrase)

also If you are around the same size as in that last thread i really dont think losing weight will help.

In addition to what clw said about saran-wrap, tape/ace bandages are especially bad because they get progressively tighter as you move - which may sound great if you're thinking about the effect it'll have on your flesh, but is actually a Very Bad Thing for your ribs/lungs.  (I mean, it's bad for your flesh, too... but most of the people I know who bind actually *want* tissue breakdown, so that's not a really persuasive argument.)

Where to find *healthy* (or healthier) flatteners:

- Title Nine Sports: their primary market (for bras) is female athletes who want to reduce jiggle, but they do a nice sideline business with FTM trans people and drag kings.  They rate their bras on a "barbell scale": more barbells=more compression.  Most folks I know use the "Frog Bra," which gives you a good deal of compression without taking your breath away, and without the "speedbump" or "uniboob" effect that you get with ace bandages (another downside).

- Underworks: caters to a large and varied clientele, but the products you're looking for are the ones for men with gynecomastia (essentially, the technical term for man-boobs).  This link unfortunately takes you to their whole product range, but keep an eye out for the "Concealer Series" and the "Power Series."  Again, these products are also quite popular with transmasculine folks - the advantage here is that they give a smoother line than bras (which stop right below your chest), and in some cases may offer more compression.  For some people, it's also nice to use a product that feels less ... girly ... than a bra.  YMMV.


Keep in mind that no method of binding/compression is completely risk-free.  If you do it consistently and long-term, any method is going to lead to tissue breakdown - basically, sagging.  They won't turn into funny-shaped bonsai-kittens, but if you do by any chance intend to exploit them for the perky-roundness factor at any point later in life, binding now will make that harder to do.  If, on the other hand, that's the farthest thing from your mind... well, you still want to keep your ribs, lungs, and chest tissue safe. 

If your binder raises welts ... it's too tight.  If it bruises you ... it's too tight.  If it requires someone else's help to put on ... it's too tight.  If it prevents you from catching your breath when performing physical activity ... it's too tight.  Seriously.  It doesn't matter how good it looks - there are other ways to camouflage a protruding chest even if you can't bind it as flat as you like (sweatshirts, for starters), so safety should be a priority.


(Do I sound like a really subculturally-informed version of someone's overprotective grandma?  Probably. Wink  But believe it or not, this is kind of my world.)


batwit: lawlz, is all i have to say xD smuggling grocery bags xP and O__O saran wrap? >>'' lol, i was thinking it'd be safer to use like...those longer strips of bandaids? the white long stuff...wrap it around yourself a couple dozen times xD

gj-jane: ahh the clothing information is pretty cool! cept, im not in the C's or the D's...I'm in like B-34? But it's from Lasenza Girls (OMG, i can't believe i'm saying this on a public site -.-)...which is for younger girls right? therefore, the measrements are exactly accurate, right? @__@\\ oh please tell me they arent really B, cuz I'd rather have A or AA. oh and i'm looking for the 'wtf, is that a girl or a boy?~' look, so the shapeless/lumpy thing isn't really an issue, unless it makes me look like a lumpy GIRL @__@...

mutenee: xD good luck! ^_^ god, just yesterday i did my first benchpresses...did 50 reps of 10lb, and now my upperarms/that-thingie-beside-your-shoulders are like DYING. like the muscles that i never even knew existed are sore xD

crazyheva 'heather': xP aiya, they do pushups to get bigger D: so thats like 1 vote on that de.. @__@ yeah, im sure guys like them big? or something like that xP


clw: :O you're special, im making sure you will be able to see this, so im pressing space twice, so there is more of a border between you and the others xD LOL YEAH XD saran wrap sounded a bit sketchy xD Ahaha, I already am the saran wrap bandit cuz we just bought a new box of saran wrap and there is this invention i have NEVER seen before where, once you have your desired amount of saran wrap pulled out, you slide this thingie across the box and it cuts of neatly!! @__@ LIKE OMGZ D< I HAVE NEVER SEEN THAT BEFORE, OKAY?!?! SO AWESOME!! before i always had to violently rip it off and then it'd get all messy and tangled xD i have not heard of that phrase @_@

actually, i gained weight since that time....sort of. I'm at 114lb now (;-;) and 5'2.5/5'3.../cry/ i want to get back down to 100lb again. *slaps self* it's ok, im good. 8D


nassira: oh snap, you just backfired waht i said back there about the bandages xD @__@ WHY would they want their flesh to breakdown again? sorry...xD

xD wow, so much info! thx ^^ :O ill remember the brusing parts and stuff >>'' itd be wierd to have hurting around that area..u__u; omg so extensive use of a sports bra (not BINDING), can hurt my bewbs? WTF SAGGING? @__@ I THOUGHT SOMEONE up there or somewhere else said it would make them even 'perkier'! (NOT THAT THAT IS WHAT I WANT, JUST CONFUSED IS ALL @_@).

p.s. you dont sound like a grandma ;) just like an adult. xP

._. this is such a bloody awkward things for me @__@ i don't normally talk about this. -stab self-

Ok, so - extensive use of a normal "prevents-you-from-bouncing" sports bra can make you perkier longer by preventing the stretching-out effect associated with bouncing.  Extensive use of a "smash-you-totally-flat-by-spreading-tissue-o ut-and-holding-it-there" garment, will, over time, make you saggier by essentially *causing* the stretching-out effect.  Two very different situations.  ;c)

(Incidentally, the folks who want the long-term tissue damage are the ones who want to keep binding forever/never want their chests to be breast-y.  The saggier you are, the easier it is to get flattened out ... so it's kind of a self-reinforcing thing.)


And yeah ... no need to feel awkward.  Pretty much everyone responding here is doing so because we have *some* experience with the same body parts you're talking about.  And it's not like the existence of bras is a shock to anyone on this thread, right?  Laughing

Original Post by chibisecchan:

I'm in like B-34?

 That's a pretty normal bra-size.... doesn't make you top-heavy or anything.  What's the problem there?

Gi-Jane: She's trying to do some gender-bending, so she wants to be almost completely flat.

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