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Losing weight but not inches?

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I've lost nearly 10 pounds in about 3 weeks, however I haven't lost any inches. I've been eating between 1200-1400 calories a day. I'm 5'2 and currently weight 116 lb. I'm also working out 4-5 times a week. Is it possible that I've only lost water weight? Or maybe that I'm just bloated. I try and eat very healthy, but I have been drinking about 1 can of diet coke 3-4 times a week. Could that cause bloating?

I'm more interested in losing inches rather than pounds, so I'm beginning to get discouraged about trying to get healthy. Any recommendations on what to do?

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Well number one, congrats one dropping some lbs (:

Yes diet coke can cause you to bloat and it can give you a "full" feeling (I used to use it as an appetite suppressant) But doesn't make you bloat a lot.. Maybe try replacing that diet coke with water, that's what I am trying to do. I hear it is still bad for you even though it's zero calories. If you want to lose inches try Tracey Anderson method.. I did that for a while and lost 2 inches off my waist pretty fast! Tracey Anderson + running a mile a day (or two) worked great for me. Maybe give that a try! Losing 10 pounds is a great accomplishment! Be proud of the progress you have made (:


Do not get discouraged it all takes time, so persevere and be patient (:

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Thanks, I have been trying to work out more often, hopefully it will help. Thanks for the encouragement :)


It is good you want to get fit and healthy but you are at a pretty healthy weight already. You are 18 so the calorie counter on CC is not for you, it is for anyone 21 and up. You need to use a calculator for teens. You are not eating enough at your age you need at least 1500 calories and more if you are working out. Also 3 pounds a week is an unhealthy ammount to lose, you should aim to loose only about 1-2 pounds a week at your age, that is the maximum that is safe and healthy.

You are still a growing teenager. I would recommend eating a lot more then you're currently do. Additionally, when you're underrating you are prone to dropping 'water weight', which is not actual weight loss.

Finally, if you feel like your bloated then track the symptoms with the food and drinks you consume. Anything from dairy to wheat to the artificial sweeteners in diet coke cause people's body to respond with feeling puffy.

I would recommend weightlifting. I strength train all the time and you get a much more toned and tigher body. I actually fit in smaller and smaller clothing with out actually losing any weight. I feel a lot better about myself as well. I would recommend cardio several times a week, and a good solid strength training workout. 

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Thanks for all the input. I don't think I'm under eating, if I go over 1600 calories I gain weight, because my metabolism is really slow. And I try and eat healthily, I don't eat junk food, and hardly have any sweets. I will however try to exercise more, then increase my calories to match. Hopefully that will help, thanks guys.

You are not eating enough period. Losing as fast as you are is hurting your body. You do not have any weight to lose. You can focus on fitness and weight lifting but you should not lose anymore weight. You gain when you eat more because you have been essentially starving yourself and your metabolism slowed to keep your essential functions going. You need to eat more yes you will gain a little at first but your metablism will kick back in and you will even out again. Anyone under 21 needs to eat a minimum of 1500 for growth and developement. You may already be as tall as you will get but your body has a lot of other growth and change to go through that you can't see. Even if you are eating healthy your body still needs a certain amount of fuel, so even if you get enough nutrients you can still be short on fuel and your body will go after your muscles which will defeat your purpose. I don't mean to be a nag I just don't want to see you hurt yourself. Please remember to put your health above getting skinny. Good luck and take care.

youre not eating enough... under 1500 is starvation for someone your age. this is evidenced by your rapid weight loss. 10 pounds in 3 weeks should not be applauded as it is much too fast for someone your height/weight. you will not gain on 1600 if youve lost as much as you have on 400 less than that, its simply impossible. eat more and do this the healthy way.


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Hey, I just wanted to thank everyone who advised me to eat more. I raised my caloric intake to 1800 a day, which I know still isn't enough. But I thought it would be better to raise it little by little. Anyway, I've been eating more for the past couple of days, and I feel a lot better. I'm no longer bloated, and while I did gain 2 pounds, I lost an inch. So thanks everyone :)

im the opposite,i loose inches and like no weight

you really dont need to loose anymore weight,soo focus on toning and weight lifting. that will help you loose the inches you want.

I just want to echo what everyone has already said to you.  Focus on toning--strength training, weight lifting, pilates, ballet based exercises...all those kinds tone you and make you tighter and firmer--and make you lose inches, too.


Good Luck!

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