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losing weight to impress my ex ?

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okay so I haven't been with my ex for a while now and I would love to bump into him when I'm looking at my greatest. I try and avoid the places were he is because I am not happy with my figure at the moment and everytime I'm doing well I ruin it and eat like no tomorrow. this past week I have eaten horrible and in hoping tomorrow will be a fresh new start. can someone please give me tips on how to lose weight fast ? and especially lose my love handles. I want him to wish he never let me go :) thanks guys I appreciate it alot
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Loosing weight fast it will not stay Doing it slow will stay n the best way is to run run run n to get rid of love handles are side crunches
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thankyou today is a new start <3
I'm all for getting in good shape... But when u do it for someone else with wrong intentions you tend to want to do it the fast way Which is not right because it will not last... You will end up being even more unhappy than you are now which - is simply dissatisfied by the way u look. Eating healthy and exercising regularly is the only way to do it. Challenge yourself and appreciate yourself for all your efforts . Do it for you because you want to look and feel better about yourself! And this is super cheesy, but When u learn to love yourself, u give people a reason to love you . Think of it like getting back at him by being happy and confident (that should be your number one goal in life really!) ... People want to be around happy people :)
We're not here to preach. Let the girl lose her weight! :)
^ wasn't preaching, just giving some advice and support - that IS what people come here for ... And by the post, it doesn't seem like the weight loss has been working too well so far. To make big changes, it's important to know why you want to do it, so you can stay commmited and motivated.
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