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Looking for teens!

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I'm Maeve! I'm 15, and 5' 5". Done growing completely, and I live in Minnesota. I'm a freshman in high school, with only two months left. Last year, I weighed in at approximately 170. At 5' 4", I was horrified by my body. So, I dropped all sweets and desserts from my diet and lost about 10 pounds (without exercise). After starting up on sweets again (1 year later) I gained 15 pounds. I am now 175 in 9th grade, and hoping to lose it all. My goal weight is 140, but 130 is where I want to be eventually.

I just joined Calorie Count today, hoping this will help me out. I think that I just need a stable group of people to help me. This is where you come in! I'm looking for teens who want to support each other and keep losing weight healthily together!



I binge when I am sad or lonely, or even just self conscious. I love being outdoors, and I love the feeling of exercising outdoors. Since Minnesota is very cold in the winter, spring and summer are my favorite seasons. I am addicted to chocolate, and I am dropping it and other sweets from my diet completely. I have 3 dogs and a cat, and I love animals! 

Thank you :) 


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Hey my name is alex i am a junior in high school i also jst joined. I weigh 200 pounds when i was a freshman i weighed 180 i am looking to at least get back to my original weight. I have tried before and failed i think i also need a bit of motivation .
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I'm Cait, I'm a freshman. I started out last April at 5'6" and 172 lbs., and have since lost 48 pounds- I weigh 123 now. My goal was 125, but my aim now is 115, no lower. I mainly changed my lifestyle through running and calorie counting. It was tough, but rewarding! You can do it, I'm sure! :)
Oh, wow you sound a lot like me! :D We could almost be cc twins - but not quite.

I'm 15, 5'6 (grew one last inch ^^) and about 166.

I started at 201 pounds - GASP - and I want to make it down to 140 as well.

I binge when I'm sad too. Then I get depressed and eat some's probably how I got fat lol

I'd love to be buddies, if you want :)

By the way, you have NOT 'done growing completely' at age 15. Just so you know... you'll continue to grow (not necessarily just height) for quite a few years yet. Sometimes even into your twenties! 

I'm Taylor, a senior. I weigh 188 now, most I've ever weighed. I feel terrible, and whenever I am bored I eat, whenever I'm sad I eat. I just gotta change my mind to get back down to 150... For now at least. Because I want to wear a bikini and feel sexy as hell in it. (: lol
Hello I am in tenth grade and I weigh 181 I want to weigh around 130 it's the worst when people have better bodies then you and your just the ugly fat one that sticks out of the crew well let's diet together !!!!
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Hey, I'm 17, live in the south of England, recovering bulimic, 130lbs, 5'3. I basically joined this forum because I'm guessing the majority struggle with weight without an ED, hopefully some of the normality will rub of on me :)

I eat when I'm happy, then I'm sad because I ate, and not binging and purging is extremely difficult, so I end up fasting and crying -a very messy affair.

I'm all for getting healthy and only loosing a few pounds, mainly trying to focus on getting healthy. Probably doesn't help being a vegetarian addicted to chocolate..!

Hi, I'm a 16 year old girl. I live in NC. Im only trying to lose 5lbs, but id love to help you out! I know a ton about healthy eating, so let me know if you have any questions!


How many calories did you eat to lose the 48 pounds? I'm 130 now and would like to be 115 too!! I am having a hard time with how many calories to eat and it seems like what you did worked :)
Hey, I'm Ava! I'm 15, and I'm 5' 2". I'm also completely done growing. I live in Oregon. It's always hard for me to lose weight because me and my family travel a lot! We usually go to different countries (last year we went to Italy and who knows how much I gained when eating pasta) which makes it harder to diet since we have to eat out. We even go to a lot of different cities and we always try food. Dieting has always been the hard part for me, I'm a super picky eater. I barely like any fruits or vegetables and I'm addicted to starch. Candy is my weakness. Working out is easy for me but just finding the time to do is hard. My parents will start dieting and then it kinda just fades, I'm really tired of it. I don't mind my weight, I just care about how I look. I want to be able to wear a bathing suit and be happy. I weigh 180 and my goal weight is probably 150 (for now) but I'd eventually like to maintain it at 130. Not only would I like to look good I want to take up contortion because I'm (surprisingly) naturally flexible. I just joined Calorie Counter today and I hope I can help (and get help) from other teens too :)

You people are NOT done growing -- where is it you get that idea from?  You may not get any taller (although I grew an inch between 19-21), but your bones, muscles, and organs are STILL developing into your early 20s.

When you cut your calories because 'I'm done growing' you are actually delaying or restricting proper development of your bones, muscles, and organs.

If you are under 21, the recommended minimum for an overweight, sedentary teen female is 1500 (1800 for males) for weight loss.  For ACTIVE, overweight teen females the minimum is 1800 (2100 for the guys).

If you need to lose weight, or you have a couple of vanity pounds to lose, do it safely, do it smartly, do it slowly, and do it without obsession.  Obsession often leads to EDs and EDs can lead to death...

My doctor told me I'm completely done growing, that's where I got the idea from. I haven't grown at all in years.
I'm almost 15 a freshman and just started at 192, I exceed use everyday and I want to be at least 140 or 130 :D
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