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long distance runners anybody???

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Hi Im 15 and i really love running.

Im not fast, but i go 2/3 times a week for 1hr- 1hr and a half. Training for a 10k yay!!!

Are there any other teens who run like me? That is i mean, long(ish) distances!



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yeah i run about 8 to 10 miles every saturday and 4 miles 3 times a week. im training for a half-marathon. don't worry im not fast either!!!
Hi, I haven't been a teen for a really long time, but I was a runner as a teen (and have been, off and on as an adult).   I ran about the distances you're doing at your age. I've never been fast, but really enjoy running.  10k local races are the best!  There are people who run at all ages, from kids and teens to grandparents.  Family members and friends come out to staff water stations and to cheer the racers on.   Best with the running, enjoy!
Hey I'm 15 too, and I also love running.

I recently got injured though so I haven't been able to run, although a few months have passed and I think I'm ready to start training up again!

Good luck on your 10k!

FINALLY! someone else who loves long distance :] personally nothing will ever beat a good ol' 6 mile run ya know?

you ever do cross country?

Long distance beats sprints everyday =)

I'm a soccer and lacrosse player, so I run about 4-6 miles a couple times a week. I love going outside (when it gets warmer...) because I can just let my mind wander.

I love to run! I always feel like a slug on my day off, haha. During XC season I get around 35 miles per week, for track I do 20-25. I miss our team long runs of 8+ miles, but no one really wants to do them on winter mornings!

I'm also hoping to run for my future college team, still waiting for a reply from the coach.

I LOVE long distance!!!:D

My school just had a x-c team this season and I loved it.

I don't really run much during the winter... even though I should for track and all. But I do run about 3-4 times a week with about 2 or 3 miles or so.

I love running so much xD I'm 15 too... soon to be 4.. heck yes!!! :)

Good luck on training for your 10k! 

long distance running. I absolute love it. i run all through out the winter and i wanted to do a half-marathon but now that track is coming up, i didn't want to mess up my season. so i'm definitely doing one over the summer. because i don't think a half marathon is gonna kill my cross country season.

but anyways, that was a stupid ramble.  i love running.

good luck on your training!

long runs are definitely my favorite. nothing like a good ten miles to sort out some issues and think about how the week is going.

running is my thinking time.  when i don't run, i can't solve problems. anybody relate to that? 

I'm not a teen anymore by any means (I'm 36) but I started running in April 05 after being inactive whatsoever for 20+ years. I instantly fell in love with outdoor running and within 1.5 months ran my first half-marathon and about 2 months later my first marathon.

Since then I've ran 14 marathons, seven 31 miles, two 50 mile, two 62 miles, and one 100 mile race (see here). I'm very slow too. My marathon PR is 4:22. My favorite runs are 100 milers.

Keep on running freywey. It's an awesome way to keep in shape and make great friends along the way.

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thanx for ur replies

i was lonely. lol

there actually are other teen long distance runners out there!

but its so cold at the moment. i procrastinated my run till tommorow cus it was so freeeezing. hehe


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