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       &nb sp; My little sister is 5'6 and 114 pounds. She cries all the time and is depressed and says she is "fat". One of our family members told her she was getting chubby a few months ago and since then, she's been acting like this. I'm not very informed of what's an appropriate weight for a 14 year old girl of that height. But I hate to see her down like this!  Advice would be greatly appreciated.

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The problem isn't her weight. The problem is at her weight, the thinks that she is fat. She is suffering from body dysmorphia and needs to get help.

Her BMI is 18.4. She is at a good, healthy weight.

^ actually she is underweight and not at a healthy weight. Like smashley said, she most likely has body dismorphia. My sister has it and it can become very dangerous. She needs some help before she starts hurting herself even more. Good luck :/

Oh goodness. When I was thirteen (a little into my ED) I was your sister's exact size - height, weight, all of it.  Let her know that you care, and that you are willing to listen if she needs to cry or talk.  Telling her 24/7 that she is NOT fat or chubby might be overkill, but just try to be supportive and watch over her.

I'm sorry she is so unhappy.

Yes to what others said... And I think u need to go yell at that family member - they are soo wrong because she is quite slim for her height and it's too bad she had to hear that from someone she probably trusts. Either ways don't let this get to her
Go to a doctor
Go to a doctor

Today she was feeling a lot better. Hopefully its just a phase. I tell her time after time how lovely and slim she looks. She just wont believe it for herself. My parents and I are keeping close watch over her though to ensure that she's eating properly & not harming herself. Happy Easter Everyone! And thank you for the feedback.

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My ten year old sister is the same exact way. She always messes with her stomach an tries to do little dances that he hopes will burn calories. What encouragement to give her? She weighs herself daily and counts calories. She's only ten! She's very active and is perfectly healthy!! Advice???
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