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Recovered anorexic -- eating too much?

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I am recovered from anorexia, and I see a nutritionist fairly regularly, but I was wondering what you guys think of my intake? I am in college and eating in the dining halls.

Breakfast: 1 1/2 c cereal (usually Special K, etc.) 1 TB Peanut butter, banana, 1 c skim milk, Ensure Plus (recommended by nutritionist 1-2 a day)

S: rice crispie bar (80)

Lunch: 2 cups of romaine, 1 TB dressing, 2 oz griled chicken, 1/3 c craisins, whole wheat pita

S: fat free strawberry greek yogurt, small apple

Dinner: small piece spinach lasagna (fear food, from hot line), 1 c romaine, 1 TB fat free dressing, 1 c sliced melon

Dessert: About one cup combination strawberry cheesecake ice cream and cookies and cream , my friends always want to get ice cream and I feel pressure, plus I like how it tastes

Snack: fat free strawberry yogurt (only felt slightly hungry, probably could have gone without)

Exercise: 60 minutes of sit-ups, leg lifts, strength training? 1 hour of walking, plus walking around campus

Sometimes I feel like I am eating because I feel like I "have" to not because I am hungry.

I am about 110 pounds and 5'5"; 19 years old!

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Have you really recovered? Or are you just "weight restored" (which I also doubt, because I don't think a competent nutritionist would call you weight-restored at that weight - it sounds like you are still quite skinny). You might want to inform us more about your recovery process.

Honestly, all the fat-free stuff in your diet makes me think that you are still "dieting".

You want an advice, though? More fat. WAY more fat.

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I don't know if I am all the way recovered, I mean, I know that my team would like to see me at about 115-120 pounds, but I am not comfortable with that. I haven't weighed myself since early January and I was about 112 then, but I know that I have had a couple of weeks recently where I was restricting, but, as you can see with my food diary above, I haven't been doing that for about three days now. My doctor was worried that I lost weight over spring break, so that is why I am guessing my weight at about 110.

My lowest weight was about 89 pounds, and I have hovered around 110 since I gained weight. I lost weight last winter again and got to be around 104.

Thank you so much, so more fat? But wouldn't that add more calories? Should I take some things out to make room for more "real/full fat" items?

Thank you!!

That would add more calories (AND more nutrition, your body needs fat), but that's good. You need all the calories you can get. Also, more actual food. You can't feed your body on salads, desserts and yogurt. Eggs, more meat, fish, nuts, seeds... And eating full-fat versions instead of fat-free ones would do you much better. If you find it hard to eat more, try foods that are more calorie-dense, it won't feel like much in your stomach.

Look, you might not be comfortable with a higher weight, but you need to do it for your own sake. Just the fact that you've been restricting and that you're not comfortable with being at a healthy weight shows that you are far from recovered. Keep feeding these thoughts and you could die. You have a mental ilness, it's not just about getting your body to a passable weight and then restricting in order to maintain. I'm sorry if I sound harsh, but this is serious... Plus, you've been doing so well getting up to this weight, do you really want to quit now? Because staying where you are, with a mindset like this, WOULD be quitting.

Are you seeing a therapist?

I understand what you mean. I restricted for a long time and no longer have that hunger feeling.. (which makes me overeat sometimes)) but I say don't worry. You probs need to fix your body first, so your body needs this
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Yeah, I am seeing a therapist, right now we are dealing with some sexual abuse issues from my youth; but we do talk about my eating disorder at times.

Thank you very much for the very specific information -- just sometimes I feel like I need to "let my stomach get empty" to be more comfortable to eat, if that makes sense. Like today, I had my usual breakfast, a turkey sandwich on wheat with fruit medley and a salad with fat free ranch and I kind of want to Luna protein bar in my backpack, but at the same time my stomach feels tight.

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Any more suggestions? I am having a hard time understanding why I feel so full most of the time and am wondering whether I really need to "challenge" that in order to eat more.

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