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My intake has been really really low

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Lately, I have been eating and not ending up with the calories I need. Like today, I ate ice cream to up my cal intake but I still only have like 800 cals logged. It's frustrating cuz I haven't been hungry for more and I don't want to go into starvation mode or something like That. Any advice?
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Pack more calorie dense food into your diet.  Trail mix, granola, protein bars ( balance, cliff bars, zone perfect), nut butters ( a bagel with two tablespoons of nut butter on each side, easily four hundred calories) :)

Good idea. Mmm. Peanut butter.

I started meal planning for the day so that I wouldn't find myself in that situation, as I experienced the same in the beginning.  It's a little harder when you are out and about though.  The others posted great ideas.  Thanks!

Protein shakes.

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