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Help me loose weight this summer? :)

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Well I live in Qatar a very hot country in Asia I moved here from America about a year ago. Before i used to play many sports, volleyball basketball, soccer, and I ran track. Ever since I got here i became out of shape because I don't play any sports in this country. Im very unfit and now im looking to get in shape this summer but I don't know where to start. I can't join a gym and its too hot to run outside so can anyone give me advice? Im am 5 feet 1 inch tall an i weigh 132 pounds. My goal is about 110-115 pounds. Thank you :)
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I live in Florida and its extremly hot here too! But any way, to answer your forum, you could go to a public pool or find a neighbor or friend that you could possibly ask to let you use their pool for exercise. I'm not in your situation completly so I don't know if you could find a local pool or anything but just a suggestion. Also, you could do indoor exercises like jumping jack, push-ups, jogging, running, or walking in place. I hope I helped and feel free to send me a message anytime if you need anymore help, a work-out buddy, or just a friend! :) good-luck Wink

Get active!!! Find some friends and play some sports. Create a calorie deficit of around 400 a day :)

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