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I'm 15 years old, a girl, 5 foot 3 inches, 140 pounds. I honestly don't look that fat from the side, but from the front I have a slight muffin top. I've always tried to just hide it with wearing bigger jeans and I'd pull them up over it, but I'm tired of hiding it. I just don't want it. I really want to be thinner before summer. Any tips?
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Eat less junk, and eat more veggies.Exercise a bit every day, or if not, every few days. Push yourself jogging, running, or playing a sport you like.

You seriously don't need to count calories at your age, and besides, you're still growing. So just try to eat healthier overall, not anything drastic. (For example, if you have a chocolate bar everyday, or chips everyday, replace them with some fruit, or carrots+hummus, etc.)

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