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I was wondering is there a way to grow taller naturally? I was told by my doctor that dice I got my period earlier I wouldn't grow to 5'5". Instead I would grow to 5'. That means I would grow only one more inch since I'm 4'11" now. I'm really bummed that I'm not going grow that much especially since I didn't have a growth spurt. Even right now I'm the smallest in my grade. In highscool I don't want to hav to look up to my friends when I talk. Sorry for the little ramble I had. Any advice or tips or anything?
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I got my period awhile back. Since then I've grown four inches. Is your doctor saying that you won't grow anymore? That is ridiculous.

The only way to get taller after having stopped growing naturally is to get surgery, however, I believe your doctor is a little mistaken about you ending up short. Google "Does menstruation age affect height" and there will be tons of results that tell you no, and some that say that early menarche means that you will grow taller than those who start later.

I got my period at age 11, and I can tell you that I definitely wasn't 5'5 at that age. So depending on how old you are, you probably have at least a few inches left to grow. Don't fuss too much about it, and if you do end up short you could always wear some shoes that make you look taller.

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I'm 13 now but my doctor told lime might not defiantly. The other problem is my mom and dad are short too ( short family except my brother). My moms 4'11" ( like me) and my dads 5'5". Also I got Mu period when I was about 9.
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Tbh, the younger generation these days tend to be taller then their parents, maybe something in the food we now eat. 

13 is very young for your doctor to tell you that your height is leveling off. You have many years to grow. Judging by how you describe  your brothers height - my guess is that your will follow suit. Maybe not as tall as your dad but not far off. and like another has said, not much you can do with out surgery - your young, dont worry about these things, just keep active and eat good food :D  

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Ok thanks! So is there any food I could eat to help my growth?
Technically If you eat protean and swim and stretch a lot, it *should* help. Although I can't promise you that it will. Also, it can depend on how long your parents grew too. My dad didn't stop growing until he was in his mid-twenties, and my mum stopped growing when she was eleven. I'm fourteen, and I've grown almost another inch since the end of June.

Dieting excessively is a surefire way to stunt growth - eat enough, eat healthy foods, and exercise and let your body do its thing.

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