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Giving Up Soda

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Hi everyone. This is my first post on calorie count. I am trying to give up soda. It's been three days so far, and I don't know if i can keep going. I had no idea how addicted I was to it! Is anyone else attempting this, or has anyone successfully given up drinking soda?  I could really use some motivation.

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I gave up soda more than a year ago. I was drinking 3-6 cans a day for my entire life(55yo now). I'm glad I did and after a month it was easy. With that success I went on to stop coffee and switch to green tea. Now I have reduced alcohol to barely a glass of wine a month. I only drink water, natural fruit juices, and brewed tea. No reason it just became habit. I'm not trying to "all natural" or anything like that. The benefits have been wonderful....less jittery...less bloated....and a lot less garbage from empty cans, etc. Plus I saved a few bucks.

I used to drink 3-4 sodas a day, more on the weekend.  Can't stand diet soda, so that was not an option.  I would occasionally drink Crystal Light, but still needed my soda.  This past May, I totally gave up the soda and started drinking Crystal Light, exclusively.  What a savings in calories!!  About two weeks ago I bought a can of soda and I couldn't even drink the whole thing.  It tasted terrible.  Never, ever thought THAT would happen.  I also discovered Walmart had its own brand of drink powder, at a much lower price.  Anyway, maybe give it a try.  Good luck to you!!  Smile

Try club soda with lemon or'll still give you the bubbles with none of the calories and sugar (of regular) or artificial sweeteners (of diet)

Soda is a combination of chemical sugar products and salt, two of the most addicting food additives out there.  Lots of people are addicted, you're definitely not alone!  Just keep at it.  After the first month, you'll probably find you don't even want it anymore, and can have a glass of regular, iced soda and not want to finish it.  Especially if you're keeping the rest of your diet clean, too. :)  Good luck!

I was totally addicted to soda in my twenties. I switched to diet and I swear I got even more addicted. I read an article one day that soda, and especially diet soda encourages your body to add belly fat. I quit cold turkey and never looked back. (I have an apple shape body type) The cravings do stop, so just keep with it. Now I drink water and coffee with skim milk--it's been years now. I tried drinking a coke once just to see how it was and I didn't even really like it anymore. Too sweet! I have no desire to drink pop anymore. You can do it and it's worth it!



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I gave up coffee last year after I discovered that I was sensitive to caffeine. It was a struggle and I used decaf as a crutch for a few months til I discovered that I was affected even by the amount of caffeine in decaf!

The cravings lasted 3 weeks and it probably took a few months before the impulse and desire faded to nothing. Nowadays I just drink water and peppermint tea. This is from a lifetime 3-4 coffees a day habit. Miracles can happen!

In my case it was the simple recognition that drinking that stuff was bad for me. Pop was never an issue, never cared for the stuff anyway.

i haven't had any soda since march. :D it was really hard at first, but now i have no interest in drinking it. i drink water, milk, juice, and tea. good luck!

I don't think I was ever "addicted" to soda.  I did always get it when we would go out to eat and would have a can at with an appropriate dinner meal at home if we had it in the house.

I was almost forced to give it up entirely.  Haven't had any for 6 months.  I take a medicine (zinc acetate) and a side effect of the mineral pill is that it increases the natural amount of acid in my stomach.  Therefore, drinking a can of soda -even over a lot of ice- causes me to get a really painful stomach ache.  Wean yourself off of it by mixing juice with sparkling water.  Or just buy fruit juice.  I went to juice then I went to iced tea with lemon then to just water.  You can give it up.  Plus you could even have a can now and then...I can't.

I was extremely addicted to soda but was experiencing so many headaches and fatigue that I wanted to find out the source.  After about the 4th or 5th day, it is better.  I ate a lot of crushed ice and no calorie or low calorie vitamin water.  But the best is ice water with lots of ice to crunch. 

My headached are gone and I feel so much better...I truly did not realize how bad I was...I stayed totally off soda for about 4 months and now I allow myself 1 a day.....that's it!!


Good Luck

diet pop gave me headaches too--bad stuff...

Best thing I ever did. For my body and my wallet! :]

I went to a camp one summer and they had us eating really healthy food and absolutely no junk. I never went back. Haha.

I still drink water, tea, those drink mix packet thingys, and fruit juice sometimes. Other than that i had a diet coke the other left something to be desired. It just made me more thirsty. Lol. I'll stick to water. :]

I switched from regular soda to diet and ended up losing 20 pounds, best thing I ever did!

It's really good that you're giving this up, two years ago during Lent I gave soda up. after Lent was over I tried a root beer and couldn't even drink it. I thought it was disgusting, and haven't had any soda since!

If you're having a hard time looking for things to replace soda with (besides the obvious choice of water), try tea, especially since its getting colder outside. I also used Lipton "To Go" packs of green tea and lemonade, you just put them in water and its delicous. Also, you might like seltzer water? I buy Poland Springs- it has carbonation so it's kind of like soda?

Good luck!

I'm a teen -- just like you and I have given up soda.  It may be hard for some, but you can live without it.  I think it's going to be 2 years very soon. :) 

It's not healthy, don't drink it.  Nothing fantastic about it either in my opinion. 

Drink lots of water!  The best thing you could drink.  Your body is made up of water. 80% of your brain, 80% of your blood and 70% of muscle is made up of water.  Nature knows you need it, so it supplies it!  The earth is made up of 70% of water.  You need water! 

It also helps with weight loss, if you drink your needed amount.


I used to work at a movie theatre so I would be around as much soda as I could drink all day.  I contribute that and numerous helpings of buttered popcorn to my most recent weight gain.  I quit drinking it, and replaced anything carbonated with Fruitopia or Iced Tea, which are just as bad!
So now I've just cut it out all drinks with refined sugar out all together and switched to drinking 100% real fruit juice.  Since the switch I don't miss soda at all, in fact now on the very rare occasion when I drink it I become uncomfortably bloated after a couple mouthfuls.

It's worth the initial cravings, once you remove it from your diet you wont miss it all!



If anyone was a Coke fiend, it was me. On my most stressed out days, I NEEEDED a coke or I would shoot someone. But I haven't had one in over 2 months. I've probably only really craved it 5 times out of that. The more days you go without it, the more you don't need it or want it. Don't get too crazy and take all the sugar from your drinks out of the question though. It took me a long time to get it, water is golden and it should be your main option for a drink. I've always drank my daily recommended intake of water, but with my meals, I need a flavored drink.

At first I switched to Dole's 100% juice, it tastes delicious but has too much sugar, but really it isn't even that good of a juice. Also some 100% juices aren't the real deal at all ! Then I read about drinking calories is a big nono, your body doesn't know how to register if you drink 50 cals as 300 cals or vice versa. Then I switched to Juicy Juice which was an old love of mine, but there really isn't that much great about it as well. There's always Crystal Light but that's too blah for my liking.

Your best bet is to go with V8 V-Fusion Light. I drink the Strawberry and it is yum. I only drink a serving with breakfast and dinner though. It has the perfect blend of low cal, low sugar and that's mostly from the fruits and vegetables it's made from. Now that's a drink with a purpose ! =)

I also recommend drinking Chocolate Milk if you need more sugar. It's a great treat and after a work out and helps with muscle recovery.

You could always drink Green Tea as well. Experiment with all teas and find what you like, that's what I'm doing right now and ugh, it's hard, but it's the most powerful antioxidant drink you can get. Make sure whatever you decide with it, WATCH YOUR SUGAR !!!

And lastly, BEWARE other drinks that say they're Super Crack, (oh and it's healthy for you too, wink wink !) and what not. ESPECIALLY Vitamin Water ! I was a major fool falling for that one. hah ! Try not to drink anything made from a Soda company.

As with anything, make sure you stay within an appropriate serving. With all that advice, you'll kick your soda addiction in no time ! you can do it !


I'm pretty sure Soda played a big part in my weight gain and health ailments.  In college I had a tower in my room of mountain dew cans (it was my beer of choice I guess).  Three months ago I gave it up, cold turkey, which is so unlike me!  And, I haven't looked back.  We have free soda where I work, a whole fridge stocked to the max and I haven't even had the desire to cheat and sneak one.  At this point, I can't even remember how it felt to be so dependent on it.  Giving up soda is definitely a good thing.  Not only will it improve your dental health, it will improve your diet because you will drink more things like water, or tea, which you would normally laugh at as you down a dew/coke/pepsi...   Good luck!


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