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13 and 5'9 !

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So im 13 years, and im 5'9 . I weigh 130 pounds. I play volley ball and im in track. Idk if im over weight ? What should my goal be?
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You're fine where you are.
OMG! I am 13 and I'm only 5'3 1/2! For someone as tall as you, 130 is a perfectly normal weight. Don't worry about it. Also, if you're as active as you are, most of it is probably muscle anyways and muscle weights more than fat.
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Hi I'm 14 and 5' 9" as well, I swim and do track and have run a half marathon. I weigh 130lbs and am happy :)

hello I'm 14 5'9 and 122 pounds. YOU ARE PERFECT WHERE YOU ARE!

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I'm 13 5'2 and 140 but people say I don't look as fat as I really am. I'm just starting volleyball this sunday( 3/18). I'm not in track but I am gonna join next year. I didnt do it this year cause I feel like I'm to fat. Im still proud because I do my best and beat some really thin girls at running the mile, my record is 10:52 minitea
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