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I'm 5', 92 pounds & 14 years old.

Last year, I was 106 pounds.

My family & friends keep telling me that my arms, calves & thighs are flabby. My calves are big, my stomach is huge, my arms are like jelly and my thighs are the worst! They jiggle, rub against each other when I walk & look like ham hocks!

I can grab loads of fat everywhere!

Whenever I lose weight, I seem to lose fat only from my chest. :/

I'm on Day 7 of 30DS & I'm planning to start C25K soon.

What should I do now?

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Your family and friends aren't very nice, unless you keep soliciting their opinion on your appearance, in which case you should stop.  I would work on body composition if you want to change your appearance.  

If you have access to weights, a full body weight training program would do wonders.  If not, then try bodyweight exercises like pullups, pushups, dips, jump squats, walking lunges, planks.  

I've never done 30ds, but I looked at a bunch of before and after pictures and I could only tell a difference between the two if the starter was large.  Since you aren't large, I don't know how much difference you will see in 30 days.  If you like it, keep doing it, but it may take longer than 30 days to get the results you want.

you should gain weight--muscle in particular. you're too thin and probably have lost most of your muscle mass from dieting.

you should be eating 2000+ calories per day, more when working out. stop trying to lose weight, and allow your body to stabilize at a weight that is healthy for you.

Your not flabby. for me 100 pounds is healthy weight and I am only 4'11". I doubt you'd want I lose weight where you are. You can build muscles though.
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