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Fast Food, Anyone? [:

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Believe me, it doesn't always have to be unhealthy!

Here's what I usually get:


Grilled honey mustard snack wrap- 260 (cals)

Side salad- 20

Low fat balsamic vinaigrette- 40

Fruit and yogurt parfait (w/granola)- 160


Total: 480

Subway (Eat fresh!):

6" Veggie delight (on italian bread)- 230

American cheese- 40

Fat free sweet onion sauce- 40

Baked lays chips- 130

Total: 440

Dannon light and fit yogurt- 80 (sometimes i like to substitue the chips for a yogurt)

Total (same meal but with yogurt)- 390

And they're both under 500 cals! That means that you may even have enough calories to spare to get one of subway's amazing oatmeal raison cookies!

Here's your chance to post what you usually eat at fast food restaurants to stay fit, or maybe just get some quick tips!  Enjoy!

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Junk food is OK as a treat and, yes, you can get some lower-cal options.  However, never confuse 'lower calories' with 'healthy'....  Most takeaway food is poor quality, larded with nasties like salt, for example and should not be a regular part of anyone's diet.

I work at Burger King so for break food I get a BK Veggie which is 340 calories without the mayo, or a Tendergrill no mayo for 380 calories.

Wendy's have a ultimate Grilled Chicken sandwich for 320 calories (without sauce) and Taco Bell has a Fresco menu where everything is under 400 calories (and some a under 200 such as the grilled steak soft taco.)

I love Subway.  I get mine with no cheese and light mayo. 

I like getting chili from Wendy's, or a 6 inch chicken sub on wheat from subway (I get pepperjack cheese instead of toppings) with loads of veggies

Fast food: relating to, or specializing in food that can be prepared and served quickly.

I think raiding the fruit bowl on my kitchen table is the fastest food I can get.  :)

Tastes better and it's healthy...well, except Bill & Bob's roast beef sandwiches dripping in bbq sauce and stuffed with onion rings.  It takes over an hour for me to get one of those though.

unfortunately,the mcdonalds menu,where i live is pretty limited. The healthiest option would be a cup of corn and er,water. I don't really go for the healthiest option when i eat fast food,but at the same i time i don't supersize everything that i buy.i just make sure it's within my calorie limit for the day.

btw, i read morgan spurlock's book ( director of supersize me,the one where he went on a  mcdonalds diet for a whole month ),and he said that the calorie information supplied at the mcdonalds website is not 100% accurate. He sent a few things to the lab,filet o- fish,fries,mcchicken burger...etc. Turned out the number of calories on the website is less than the actual number.

What's the burger king veggie sandwich taste like? Is it comparable to any other burgers?

I like Harvey's veggie burgers ... it comes in at 320 kcal and 20g of protein (when plain). Hold off the mayo for those trying to cut calories, but I personally just like to top it with everything!!! 

I'm also a fan of Subway breakfast cheese and egg sandwich - load it with veggies and it becomes very filling... at 370 kcal and 21g of protein. I usually slather on regular mayo on my egg but there's also a light mayo for those who are concerned about overdoing your daily quota. 

I hardly ever eat fast food anymore (I used to be a junkie), so when I do, I go for the unhealthy stuff, lol.

My favorite combo is a grilled chicken wrap with BBQ sauce and a Coke float from Sonic.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE SUBWAY!!! (I find it hard to believe that a 12" roll of wheat bread is only 400 calories though!)

For dinner I love to ride my bike to the subway near my house and get a footlong turkey breast on wheat. no cheese, but loaded with veggies and mustard. mmmm

At McDonald's I usually get 6 Chicken McNuggets, side salad with balsamic vinegar, Coke Light and a Low Fat Vanilla Ice Cream Cone.

Very filling, for only 425 kcal. Pretty healthy compared to the other menu options.

Original Post by sleepybum:

What's the burger king veggie sandwich taste like? Is it comparable to any other burgers?

Have you've ever bought Morning Star burgers? I think they sell them at most supermarkets. Well BK uses the Veggie Delite Morning Star burgers for the BK Veggie. I personally think it's better than Boca (not sure if you tried that.) Dunno what else to compare it to since those are the only two veggie burger brands I've ever tried.

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