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Really far to go?

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So I'm looking for other young people who have a really far way to go in their weight loss. I'm 22, 5'9'', and weigh a little over three hundred pounds. I know that if I lost weight I'd have a nice shape to my body, I've got curves and a waist definition. So I'm hoping that's enough to pursuade me to stick with this.

Anyone else in a similar boat with this much weight?

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I'm not in a similar boat but I came across a thread you might want to join a conversation in. 12.html


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Thanks a lot! I really appreciate that.

I used to be. I was 360+(scale died at 360). I am currently at 240 and began to finish my loss after a long break. I wish I didn't stop, but personal relationship stuff got in the way! 40-50 more to go!

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Oh wow, that's absolutely amazing. Congratulations on that! How did you do it? Did you have to change your whole life style?

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I just read your profile, you're doing great. I hope I can get the motivation you've got.

Hi! I just started my weight loss in January. I was at 277 pounds and currently am 225ish so i definitely have a long road ahead. If you'd like to chat sometime, email me!


Hey, I was about 300lbs and got down to 180lb, had alot of drama and kinda ate my way through it :P so Im back up to 220, but It wasnt to hard to get down to 180 at all.
I just ate right, excerised when I felt I needed too, and it pretty much fell off.  But I think everyone has different needs and results.

I've been trying to do what I did last time again and having a hard time getting back on track, its pretty hard to give up bad foods.

What I did before is pretty much cut out all red meats, any bleached flour products, I ate relatively high protein, most carbs I ate were full of fiber, and fats were good fats from fish or nuts.  I cut out any sodium I could, a great way to cut out sodium is when you eat veggies ( which you should be doing ) make sure if their canned you get no sodium added or organic.

For protein I ate mostly chicken.  You'd be suprised how much you can do with with chicken to not get sick of it.  I ate alot of egg beaters, I'd make a little low carb high fiber wheat tortilla egg beater boritto alot of mornings. 

I really like spicy foods and they are supposed to boost metabolism so I made home made salsa alot and made quisadillas with the tortillas and salsa and some fat free cheese and some chicken.

I didnt drink anything but water.

Its gonna be hell to go back to that :D

Hello. I'm a 6'1" laydee- and I started out at 329 last year. I am currently at 251 so I've done it steadily. I still have a way to go- would like to get down to about 189 (I would be a "healthy" BMI). But as I'm tall, and have always looked lighter than I am I will assess the goal when I get to around 200.

I eat a lot of lean white meat (Turkey breast, chicken, pork loin) and fish, lots of veggies, fruits, whole grains etc.. I switched from beer to vodka and diet coke!! I still allow the odd weekend off, which you need to do otherwise you will end up miserable :)

I tend to exercise a lot at home, as gym membership is too expensive for me at the mo. lots of aerobics/boxercise, weights, and squats/crunches etc..

I suppose the biggest problem I have encountered is plateaus- my body keeps getting used to my intake. But then again everyone has these if they are losing a lot of weight, you just have to tweak your intake and exercise.

Good luck- feel free to keep us updated with your progress :)

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