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fancy dress party - movie characters

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two friends of mine are having a huge joint 18th party and the theme is movie characters, i need some ideas!! any suggestions are welcome but really i just want to wear a pretty dress and heels.. :| all the ideas i can think of involve ridiculous costumes (which could be fun but i'd preffer a nice dress. haha )

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molly ringwald in 16 candles? lol first thing that popped in my head. uhm any disney princess....ooh ms congeniality. hot dress with a slit, gun holster on your thigh and a sash that says ms congeniality

Holly Golighty? Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany's..

-You could do a cute red and white polkadot dress with a sunhat and red heels: Rachel McAdams in the notebook

-A nice dress, a sun hat, and those little hand held eye glasses: Eliza from My Fair Lady

-A bad bridesmaid dress: 27 dresses

Marilyn Monroe from almost any movie,  Keira Knightly from Pirates of the Caribbean

my best friend in high school had that same exact movie theme for her 18th!  It was so fun!

My boyfriend and I went as Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson (I'm a huge Spider-Man fan) so got to wear a cute little dress that I thought was MJ-esque.

We also had 3 girls who were the "Plastics" from Mean Girls.  That was cute. 

I like the Miss Congeniality idea too.


hoodie, ringer tee, couch cushion: Juno!

... not sexy enough? :/

Fancy? my favorite!

- Memoires of a Geisha.. a kimono.. and beautifully done makeup
- Seven Year Itch - Marilyn Monroe's halter dress - iconic
- Breakfast at Tiffany's - Audrey Hepburn in a gorgeous evening gown in the first scene
- Gone with the Wind
- Marie Antoinette - love the blue dress
- The Sound of Music
- Ever After - wings and all
- The Wizard of Oz - not fancy, but still very recognizable
- Sex and the City - Carrie's wedding dress (I'm a wedding planner - can't help it!) I know it's not the right age group but it's recognizable as well and relatively easy to replicate with the right accessories..

I like the Juno idea but you want pretty dress and heels.

Pretty dress and heels... GO AS A DISNEY PRINCESS. :D That counts, right!? Other than that, a classic starlet would be a good one. V_Avila has listed some greats, but I think you'd make a brilliant Greta Garbo. You have similar hair for it already! Hee. :D Or Joan Crawford? And if all else fails, go as a memorable Bond girl - Ms. Galore (Goldfinger), Honeychile Rider (Dr. No), or most recent Vesper Lynd? o:

Or for a complete twist, go as Prom Carrie.

I'm a film geek. 8]

I'm thinking of being Christine from "Phantom of the Opera" for halloween :) What about something like that? If you're going with a date, asking him to throw together a phantom of the opera costume wouldn't be difficult. Black slacks/shoes, white button up, a vest, and he could spend $15 on a cape and mask from a halloween store!

This is the costume I'm looking at for Christine (minus the hat and boots and with super curly hair..): ress-pirate-adult-costume-p-8137.html

This is the picture I was working from: operapic.jpg

Finally, a little something for the brunettes :P

OMG that dress is so nice! seriously considering that although i'm going to have to find a UK equivalent. 

ALL these ideas are awesome, thanks a lot, now i just need to pick one!

im also thinking i might go as Daphne from scooby doo.. my hair is naturally ginger (died in my display pics lol) so i'd just need the purple dress and boots. also thought of wilma flinstone but i think the dress for that is going to be a tad tricky.

anyway all these ideas have made the list. thanks so much lovelies :) X X X X X

(i would post a photo when i decide what i'm going to wear but i dont think i am going to be using CC for a while now..:(.. )

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