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Hey friends! I'm looking for a reliability partner AKA "buddy". I'm 5'4 and I am around 130-135 (haven't weighed in in the past coupe of weeks but I should be closer to 130). I want to lose 10-15ish more pounds and I want to lose at least 5 before February 18th (school's winter dance). I'm a dedicated buddy that won't leave you hanging :) so if you need some encouragement and want someone to rely on then just hit me up! Thanks :) xo

Uhm, and I'm a teenage girl. So preferably someone of my gender, please :)

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Will you please be my buddy? We have very similar goals. I want to lose 10 pounds for my spring semi formal.

Awesome! And absolutely. I'll message you :)

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Same goes for me!

On it :D

Similar goal here as well! Trying to lose 10 lbs. by April 1st.: our dance show. Then hoping to tone and maintain till the island vacation in July. Just looking for a buddy!

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