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i don't have my period anymore

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i stopped having it about 3-4 months ago. i'll admit that i eat way to low of calories and am maintaining my new weight of 102 pounds which is underweight for my height of 5'5. so that's probably why i don't have my period anymore. i am really enjoying not having a period anymore! but....will this harm me? will anything bad happen? i heard that period loss can cause osteoporosis??


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If you go on any longer your period may never come back and your ovaries may shut down meaning that you'll never be able to have kids if you want to.

Consult your doctor please, it is not good to be underweight.

well period loss doesn't directly cause osteoporosis, but it causes a loss of important bone density.
weaker bones = higher risk for osteopororsis at a younger age

It's easy for me to tell you to put on some weight, but you have to make that choice for yourself.
I also suggest you see a doctor, because there are many other consequences of being underweight.

When a woman's body stops menstruating it's a sign that there's a major problem... illness, stress, malnutrition.  So to say you're 'enjoying not having a period any more' is saying that you're enjoying having a sick, stressed malfunctioning body....   OK the monthly cycle involves a little mess and inconvenience but it's just part of being a woman.

When you're chronically underweight and malnourished menstruation is often the first thing to fall by the wayside..... the alarm bell that something is wrong.   And that, as someone has already pointed out, if left untreated can lead to permanent infertility, brittle bones and a bent back over the space of the next 20 years.  But you've got more immediate things on the horizon to worry about ..... anaemia is pretty normal, for example.  A severe shortage of iron can lead to fatigue, dizzy spells, heart palpitations, mouth ulcers, shortness of breath, compormised immune system.  And the other signs of malnutrition & starvation won't be far behind.... hair falling out, tooth loss, inability to concentrate, delusional irrational thinking, anxiety, depression, sudden heart-failure.... it's not pretty.

So get to a doctor and have them check you over physically.  You sound like a candidate for an eating disorder, unfortunately and you'll need advice on how to start eating normally and getting back to full health.  Good luck



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Not having a period for too long can be a serious health risk all of the things listed by gi-jane are true, and this could also be a sign of several diseases. I recently went to my doctor because I haven't had a period for 4 months now, and I'm in the process of possibly being diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) which is apparently very common (something like 1 in 6 women have it). You could have this or something similar. These kind of diseases are not serious, but can become so if left untreated for too long. Your doctor may put you on the pill to help regulate your periods.

If you haven't already you should go see your doctor or an ob-gyn if you have one. Good luck!


I no longer have my periods either and have been trying to gain weight so that they come back. I really don't want to be left infertile.

I'm 5ft 8 and 104lbs. Yes, I know I'm hugely underweight but I'm working on it. I've been suffering from anorexia since i was 11 and I'm now 16 so there is a good chance that they won't come back.


Good Luck x

infertility, and high risk of some cancers; because ovulation is necessary for removing redundant cells. Theres therefore a risk these cells mutate. go to your dr, and speak to your parents. this wil harm you longterm but right now your low weight and restriction is damaging you internally in many ways.

amy how the hell did you manage to grow to 5'8 if you've been anorexic during pretty much all your growing years?

I am not an expert on the human body, but I went through what you are going through. When I was really *dieting* in the winter of my sophomore year, I was eating about 1500 - 1600 calories and working my butt off everyday. I stopped getting my period, and didn't get it for about 4 months (and the only reason I got it back was because I basically had a mental breakdown and started eating terribly high calories). It freaked me out at first, but I came to love it too.

I talked to my friend about it. She eats like a PIG, but she runs track year round and plays soccer, so she's constantly burning everything off. She doesn't get her period very often as a result.

It happens because our bodies know that we don't have enough calories in our system to support having a baby.

Is that a NATURAL/HEALTHY thing? No. But will it kill you? I don't think so. You can consult a doctor, but I can tell you I got mine back, and when I got it and talked about it, EVERYONE on this board at the time said "You're fine, it's normal."

I doubt you're gonna explode, and I doubt you'll lose the ability to babymake. I'd suggest eating maybe another 100 - 200 calories, or more, depending on exactly how much you undereat. Please eat enough to support your body you can live healthily. If you starve yourself, yeah, you can do a lot of damage to your body. But if you're just not eating a ton, and you lose your period as a side result, I don't think it's gonna do too much damage.

Remember, I'm not an expert though, I'm just a teen girl who didn't undereat and still lost her period.

I was already 5ft 8 at 11. Yeah I was giant in primary school.

Original Post by amy_0101_c:

I was already 5ft 8 at 11. Yeah I was giant in primary school.


I am 5'6.5

16 years old

and so far i lost.. 41 pounds. [146lbs -> 105lbs]

Ive lost my period ever since mid december, and started loosing weight begining of october 2008.

I'm worried about the side effects, and what might happen to me in the future.. such as any diseases, or mental illnesses, or anything else that is life threating.. is there a way to get my period back without eating more/ gaining weight? I already know its best for me to gain my period back that way.. but is there any other possible solution? Is there anything my doctor can do?

Please reply back to this post!



The only way to truly get your periods back is to get back to a healthy weight, which means gaining weight.  

Look at this way, the fact that you lost your period is your body's way of telling you that you're not at a healthy weight, and that you're not eating enough.  So even if you find some other way to get your period back (such as taking birth control) you're still not receiving proper nutrition, and you'll still be at risk of "diseases, mental illnesses, or anything else that is life threatening". 

I know that gaining weight is the best solution, but when i was at 130lbs at 5'6 I didnt get my period, so even at a healthy weight I was in the same situation as I am now.

Ok, you started losing weight in October, and stopped getting your period in mid-December.  Assuming you were 130 when you stopped getting your period, and 146 when you started losing weight, then that means you lost about 16 pounds in 6 weeks, or 2.67 pounds per week.  That's a lot to lose in a small amount of time, especially for someone who wasn't overweight to begin with.  This could be the reason your periods stopped, and the fact that you keep losing weight is preventing them from coming back.  If you know you need to gain weight, then why don't you try that first?  You're current BMI is 16.9, which makes you indisputably underweight. Not only that, but based on some of your other posts, you're goal seems to be losing even more weight. You may have been at a healthy weight when you lost your period, but you're certainly not going to get it back when you're underweight.  It sounds like you should enlist the help of your parents, a friend, and/or possibly a doctor to get back to a healthy weight, and see if that helps. If not, contact your doctor, and (s)he can determine if some other health problem is the keeping you from getting your period.

You sound like a smart girl, and it seems like you understand the ramifications of being underweight.  Please do yourself a favor and recognize that you do NEED to gain weight, and this is the only way to become 100% healthy again.  

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i also don't get my period.. and yes i don't eat lots of calories but i'm not on a diet. i just take care of what i eat.. it's been more than four months since i got my period, my doctor told me it's not dangerous and i need to wait.. i dont know if i should be happy or worry.. im 54 kgs and my height is 162 cm. im turning 17 next month, is that anything i can do about it? please dont tell me gaining weight is a solution! i cant gain weight just to get my period.. i cant stand the fact of becoming fatter.. tell me any other solution..

Thanks xx

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