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I don't consider myself thin

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I'm an 18 year old female, weigh 127 pounds and I'm 5'7, however I still consider myself an average weight, and whenever anyone tells me I'm skinny I always second guess them. What do you guys think of my weight?

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You are very thin. If it's a natural weight for you, just keep maintaining, and never even think about losing any. You would be very underweight if you lost any weight. If you experience symptoms of being too thin, like an irregular period, I would suggest increasing your food intake a bit. You are definitely very thin!

I actually do have an irregular period, how many calories would I have to increase by for it to return to normal? I'm also experiencing hair loss, is there any particular foods I should be eating to reduce this? I eat 3 meals a day but sometimes I slip up and binge, like this morning I ate chocolate and other junk foods and it probably would have come to around 400 calories however I said to myself I would not eat until dinner time to make up for this...

I will never understand how people who are underweight fail to see the fact that they are underweight.....


You need to eat

a) more calories

b) more fat

When i was around that weight people would say that i am thin, so i guess your good

If you're worried about the hair loss and the period or other health concerns, I would try not to skip meals. Even if you binge in the morning, make yourself just eat super healthy at the in between meal (salad, chili, eggs or just eat at subway if you don't make your own food). Skipping will just make you even more likely to binge for dinner or the next morning. Have foods high in fibre and rich in vitamins and iron. If health food isn't your digs it will almost be harder to commit to that than skipping the meal altogether. If your hair keeps falling out try a multivitamin... Worked for one of my friends when she became a vegetarian and essentially had the same problem.

127 is a good number, but numbers aren't the only factor in health.  You are at the low end of what is considered to be a healthy weight for your height and gender.  You could gain weight and still be a-ok weight wise.  However, the hair loss and irregular periods are something you should bring up with your doctor at your next visit. 

Something to think about:  Your weight is fine, but how do you feel physically and mentally?  Do you feel healthy?  Do you have enough energy to get through the day? If you play a lot of sports or are very active you need to eat more calories. 

You don't need to skip meals--nobody does.  Skipping meals will only make you overeat later to compensate for the lack of calories.  If you find yourself binge-eating frequently then purging afterward through either laxatives or making yourself throw up, you may want to schedule a visit with your physican or a counselor.

Make healthy choices when eating as much as possible.  Enjoy life and enjoy what you eat. As long as you aren't eating junk 24/7 and don't sit on the couch all day, you shouldn't need to even think about your weight.   

You are beautiful, young, and thin.

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Original Post by saliat:

When i was around that weight people would say that i am thin, so i guess your good

No,  if she is losing her hair she is not good!

zardo38- You are experiencing signs of malnourishment, and you must increase your caloric intake and weight to feel better. Hair loss and an irregular period, as well as binging, are serious signs that your body needs more. I would suggest around 3000cal a day with minimal exercise until your periods regulate, your hair becomes healthy again, and any binging urges subside. It will be uncomfortable at first, but it's for your health and will help prevent any further damage to your body. :)

127 lbs at 5'7" is thin, but not unhealthy for most girls. If you were 117 lbs, then that's definitely underweight(unless you're asian/super petite), However, if you're experiencing irregular periods and hairloss, then you're obviously not eating enough and should gain a few pounds.

400 calories? A binge!? That's the amount of a normal breakfast. I mean, I ate about 1000 calories this morning(but I ate it all pretty slowly), which I know is too much, but I didn't get to eat much yesterday and I woke with a ravenous appetite.  And a moderately active teen/young adult usually maintains on about 2500 cals, so there's absolutely no reason you should restrict just because you nibbled on some junk food in the morning.

Increase your calorie intake, and try to have those calories coming from fat. Healthy fats help a lot with repairing irregular menstrual cycles and hair loss.

It really depends. Im your weight and heigh, just 15. My bone structure is extremely small, and when people guess my weight they all guess 140-150. I'm built small I'm meant to weigh less. So it really depends. If you have muscle, big bones (look at your wrists), or a larger/wider frame in general you weigh more naturally. You can't shrink your bones anyways. I ppl are telling u ur thin then you probably are. Maybe you have body distortion?

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