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I guess I'll jump right to it:

The place I carry my weight the most is my belly. My arms and legs tend to be slim, but I carry all of my weight on my middle. I can't say I even have boobs either.

I'm starting to get a bit unmotivated because my stomach still looks very disproportional to my body. I'm starting to wonder whether I'll ever be able to have a flat stomach. I do sit-ups and pushups almost every night and I run. Is there something I'm doing wrong?
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People always forget their diet, I'm talking eating healthy food, it's okay to eat junk once in a while but your diet should be centered on whole food. I know they tell you can eat as much as you want as long you exercise but you need to know your daily intake, count your calories. What happens when people count? They go in restriction which is very sad, please avoid it it's unhealthy. You might not be burning as much you thing you do! Learn to count calories, love it but dont embrace it! Good luck!

I've got a similar weight distribution, all belly and no boobs. What I've found helps is the strengthening of the core muscles through pilates, or some such, the lateral muscles help hold it in so to speak. "10 minute solution: quick tummy toners" is a good dvd and you can mix and match to fit in with the rest of your routine.

Also check you're not got a food intolerance my friend goes up 3 dress sizes if she has dairy products. Last but not least healthy eating, but then if you didn't know that you wouldn't be here!

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