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Just talk about your goals and dancing and stuff I do modern and ballet

Oh and anything to help me get in pointe
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I'm a dancer too; I do tap and ballet with some modern mixed in from various shows and school classes. My life long goal is to get en pointe, but I doubt it'll ever happen!

16 years of dance, 12 years of ballet, 9 years of modern. En Pointe is a good goal to try and reach, but it is really, REALLY tough on all of your joints. Just focus on your eleves, the stronger you can pull up the better. Are you dancing independently or in a course?

I've been dancing for 6 years and really fell in love with it 4 years ago. Then I quit for a year because there was this awful clique at my dance studio... But once I got to high school I joined Pom and kick team and I love it. I love turns a la seconds, calypsos and turning disks. I have also been en pointe for 2 years. If you stretch and condition your calves, butt and ankles when you get your shoes you will feel comfortable on them almost right away!
I have danced since I was 3...mainly ballet with corresponding modern and contemporary training. I'd love to get into the Wa ballet company for a few years and then move off to America or somewhere. I love pointe! Variations is one of my favourite classes along with barre for technical strength and floor barre. A great way to get strong enough feet is to do exercises with a theraband; practice keeping your toes long and not crunching them. I find the best way to strengthen pointe work is to get them on and start with very slow rises at the barre :) I'm sure you'll get there soon <3
Thanks guys I practice every day
To go on pointe you need to also have a very strong core. Strength in the backs of your legs is also very important. Make sure that with every relevè you do your legs are completely straight by pushing down from the front of your hip bone down and lifting from the bottom or your foot all the way up to your occipital ridge( the place where your neck meets your head). Always work your feet in everything you do! Flexibility is another important element of being able to go on pointe. At my studio you can't go on pointe until you have your middle splits and your splits on both sides. Flexibility directly impacts how well you can stand on pointe. Good luck and I hope this helps:) sorry I'm not the best at explaining things. I hope this all makes sense.
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I like hiphop and breakdance. I also like contemporary. My goal is to be a bgirl maybe and my ultimate-out-of-reach goal is to be able to do a hollowback. If you google image it you may notice that there are no girls. I want to change that.
Will you guys join my ballet dancers group
Question for Abby;

At your studio, what if the dancer hasnt got the range to do the middle splits for example but she is strong...are they still not allowed to go on pointe? Because I have really limited turn out so I haven't quite got the range to sit comfortably in second splits. Im just curious as to whether I'd be kept on flat?
They do make exceptions occasionally with middle splits if there really is no possible way someone can get there but this is very rare. Usually the person would have to be evaluated by a physical therapist also to make sure that it really isn't possible and it's not another issue.
Cool :) thanx
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Dancing is my life and it takes up almost 13 hours every week, more than most girls, but I'm still slower and larger than a good amount of them. I'm really starting to suspect its my diet but id really like any tips if u hav any.
Beth: Tips with diet or ballet?
How many hours a week do you guys do ballet?
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I really want to do ballet but I have never done it before and I'm 13 so I'm not sure if its too late. I only do hip hop, jazz and lyrical now
Playa if you have been doing other types of dance then you should be fine
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About 10 yrs of ballet; 6 of tap, jazz and contemporary :) 1 yr en pointe To get en pointe I would suggest single leg rises, point with a theraband and make sure your toes don't crunch and working on your turnout muscles :)
I've been dancing for 13 years. I do jazz, contemporary, tap, hip hop, ballet, and pointe. This is my 3rd year doing pointe and it's getting easier every year. To be able to do pointe you have to build strength in you core and most importantly in you ankles. That will make it easier. Pointe is fun and I love it so I hope you get to experience it!
What she did you guys start dancing?
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