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Hey all! I'm a freshman in college and I actually find that it's easier to pick healthy foods over bad ones.  There's just one problem: the desserts.  As you walk into the dining hall, there it is, front and center, the bakery.  Even though I'll eat a fruit salad and yogurt for dinner, I always end up grabbing two... or four... cookies to finish off.  And not just at dinner, at lunch too.  I've been trying hard to resist, and some days I can, but I just don't know how to stop thinking about those cookies while I try to enjoy my meal!

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ohh, my college had the best cookies ever.  it's hard to turn them down.  the better option is being able to control your eating.

can you take the cookies out of the dining hall with you?  if so, i would try picking up one on your way out.  eat it after you have left, so that you won't go back to get more.

that's a good idea; we have these plastic to-go boxes that they give us, and some people just fill them up with desserts to keep in their rooms for the week... if I did that it wouldn't last two days :) but I like the idea of just having one and walking away with it

Having a dessert isn't a big deal just don't have too much of it. If the dessert of the day looks like it has a ton of calories just have a few bites and really enjoy them.  Fill up on healthy foods like a salad first too. :)

mm, cookies are the best. instead of eating them whenever i have a craving, i eat those quaker oats granola bars. the peanut butter chocolate chip/cookies and cream/oatmeal raisin are all sooo good. also, they only have 90 or 100 calories. you could buy a box and eat those when you're craving something sweet. :o

Are you eating enough for dinner? Could it be your body wanting more sugars/more food? I know for me, and I'm a senior at college, I still have dessert after lunch and dinner - sometimes just some ice cream or soft serve and other times a cheesecake square or carrot cake or a few things. If you're only a freshman, you should be able to fit in dessert with both meals, especially if it's a cookie. I think if you think you can't eat them, when you actually do you'll be more prone to grabbing more. Maybe try just having 1 cookie with each meal - because you know you'll have one again later and that way, you can reduce the cookie intake without cutting them out completely.

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