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Checking in to make sure this is healthy!

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Hey guys! I'm 14 years old, 5'5", medium-framed and 148 lbs as of yesterday. I used to be 130 but gained to about 165 over this winter (Due to depression and overeating/hip problems where I was not able to exercise.) So That means I've lost about 17 lbs so far! (Probably about ten pounds of water weight though.) 

I just wanted to make sure that this plan is healthy for me.

My goal is to be 130(ish) again by my birthday (August 10th). I've been calorie cycling (or zig-zagging, whatever you call it) and that seems to be working. I cycle between 1500 and 2000 on any given day. I work out (half running at 6.7 mph, half walking at 4 mph) for a half hour every day. I've been pretty steadily losing a pound a week. 

Does this plan sound good to all of you? (I tried losing on more calories, but I didn't lose any weight and I wasn't hungry for them.)

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Seems pretty good, actually. I don't know much about calorie cycling though.

Hi! :D You are very pretty in your profile picture. ^_^

Ooh congratulations on the weight loss! :O I think it's amazing that you're able to lose weight, without restricting down to some crazy low amount. :] Sorry to hear about your hip problems, that must've been really uncomfortable. I think that your plain sounds really good so far actually, like senorawesome19 said. I calorie cycle also! Except I'm maintaining, not losing. :3 According to this calories burned calculator, you burn about 280 calories each day doing the exercises you do. I would've suggested you try and eat more on the days when you eat 1,500-1,600 calories, but since it seems that your already steadily losing weight at a healthy pace, I think your fine doing what you do now. :]

Good luck with your weight loss! <3

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OH and also, how many lbs do you think before I lose a pants size? I really miss my favorite jeans:/ I'm a very tight, almost unwearable (American Eagle) 4 right now. *It sounds small but AE sizes run big. 

Maybe another 3-4 pounds? It really depends where you lose weight on your body. :P I lose weight in my arms and legs, for example. But my mom loses weight in her collar bone/chest area.  :]

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Well I definitely gain weight first in my butt/legs, lose it last there. When I gained weight, I grew out of my jeans REALLY fast and my arms and stomach later. that was also the first place I lost it --I'm wearing my old jean jacket again! Only now am I starting to see my thighs slimming out a bit.

Ooh well then maybe you'll lose inches in the reverse order of the way you gained them? ^_^

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Probably...just slower. Blehh. Hahah

I'm impressed that a 14 year old put together such an awesome diet plan for herself.  I think it sounds really healthy, really moderate, and emulates natural healthy eating that you can do for the rest of your life.  I think that calorie cycling is good because it allows you more room to listen to your body than just a set calorie amount every day. 

I do want to do what a lot of people have probably already done and remind you that you are 14, so don't take it too an extreme or worry about it too much. You will grow. I also went through a weight gain spurt, without growing any taller, around 14.

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Well I've made those mistakes before and I'm definitely NOT doing it again. 

Also, it was definitely not a weight spurt! I stopped running completely and was depressed so I ate. A LOT. I'm just excited to get back on track because I maintained for a pretty long  time on 1700-ish at 130. I wanna get back to that! 

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