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How many calories do you eat a day???!?!

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I'am 13 and am 5"11, I weigh about 123 pounds and I would like to lose about 10-15 pounds. I usually eat around 1200-1400 calories a day. I was wondering if there was anyone who was about the same height as me; how many calories do you eat a day! By the way....I looked up how many calories I should eat a day and it says around 1200 for extreme weight loss!! Also...what are your favorite low calorie snacks (-100 calories) and what is your favorite flavor of tofu??????!!!!!!! ;)

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If you are are 5'11" and you lose 10-15 pounds you will be extremely underweight. Maybe you meant 4'11"? And mine is peach, it's kind of like jello! And I try to eat 1200 as well it says the same for me. It's the lowest anyone can eat in a day without starving themselves.
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Thanks! I make sure not to eat under 1200 calories! I know how bad it can be. Cool I will have to try that! I have just started to drink soy milk and now i want to try tofu! I am thinking banana flavour! ;)
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 For teens: 1500 calories is the BARE MINIMUM.

She reports her height as 5'11" in another thread. I don't think it's a typo.

shooes, you are currently at a pretty low weight for your height, which is only ok because of your age. As you get older, you should be gaining weight, not losing it.

Your goal to lose 10-15 lbs would put you very underweight. And you are undereating.

Please, you need to start eating more. I'm going to guess that you are a normal active 13 year old, so I'd guess you need ~2500 calories to maintain your weight, although you should expect to gain weight as you age.

Original Post by z4d0w:

 For teens: 1500 calories is the BARE MINIMUM.


You aren't eating enough. 1500 calories is the amount that teens should be eating for extreme weight lose. You're already underweight and shouldn't be losing weight at all! If you feel like there's some flappy part here and there, start lifting weights and get some muscles instead. You need to up your calories now. You don't want to go down the road of an ED. Trust me, I've been there. A normal teen on your height maintain on maybe 2200 or more without exercise. You should aim for that :)

But to answer your question, I'm 5'5, 140 lbs and maintaining on 2400-2600 without exercise, make sure to eat more if I exercise :)

You are soo skinny! This is not good :( you need to eat more! According to this healthy eating calculator (love you google<3) someone of your height and weight should be eating 1900 calories if inactive, 2300 if slightly active, 2600 if active, and 3200 if super active; and what your currently eating right now isn't even close to inactive! You really need to eat more. And stop losing weight! Your already underweight, and losing anymore weight will just make you well.. dead basically.

Please, for the sake of 13 year old girls everywhere; eat! This planet has too many young, beautiful people on it already who have fallen prey to the nasty world of eating disorders. It makes me terribly sad. Don't do this to yourself! <3

Im 14, 6'1", and that is completly unhealthy if you want to lose that much at ur height!!! Inormally eat 1600-1700 a day.. :P
You eat too little. Try doubling your calories.
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