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how many calories should I have for breakfast ?

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Okay, so I'm trying to get my eating habits back on track after about a year of extreme under eating. Everywhere I have checked says I should be eatting between 1000 - 1300 calories a day. How many of those should I have for breakfast ? I hate having big breakfasts. No one in my family has breakfast. I'd rather eat big when I get home from school. Normally I have a waffle (80 cals) , fiber one cereal (60 cals) , coffee and crackers (70 cals) Lately im going to about 200 cals. Is that enough?
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Well .... you should actually be eating more than that. I'm not sure where you've been looking, but obviously it hasn't been on this website :P You should actually be eating around 2000 calories (ballpark, obviously it will vary based on your height and weight and goals). Personally, I tend to have a 500 calorie breakfast or so ... I eat three meals and one to two snacks a day, I don't calorie count but as an estimate it would be broken down like this:

B - 500

L - 500

S - 250

D - 500

S - 250

Like I said I do not count so it often varies, as it's Christmas now I tend to have more dessert :P But that's a breakdown I would advise, I think it's pretty balanced! If you like to have smaller breakfasts maybe have a 300 or 400 calorie one then add the remaining calories to a snack or a larger dinner or something.

My problem is the way that my day goes there is no snack time because of school and work.

I have breakfast before school Lunch there ( but its at 10am -_- ) Dinner when I'm home at 4 ( not aloud to eat in school besides Lunch so I'm forced to wait) Then I have to go to work right after and by the time I'm out its 930. During work I normally have something very small on break because its only 10 minutes long. When I finally get out its way too late for an actual meal.


Yes I do get a normal period. And I have health problems that caused me to under eat. I don't digest my food so every little thing I ate hot my stomach really bloated, hard, and it felt like knife stabs, like my stomach was eatting me out. So because of that I ate very little, I was really scared of how my body would react to food.

I've always weighed a very small number for what I look because my frame is very small. I have small bones always have. So when I weighed 110 sorry it wasn't 100 I was really fat, not my whole body just my stomach. My legs and arms haven't changed at all, just my belly area is now proportionate with the rest of my body. I'm trying to gain weight evenly.

Like I said in another post. My mom would force me to stop eating... I was obviously fat ! Lol. Doctor also told me I was 10 lbs over weight. But my wright never had anything to do with my under eating.
Original Post by Nessa725:

I was obviously fat ! Lol. Doctor also told me I was 10 lbs over weight.

No you weren't and your doctor was wrong. At 110 pounds and 5'0", you were smack in the middle of a healthy weight range. Not fat or overweight. Small frame or not.

What is your doctor doing to address your health issues that are causing you to undereat?

He's tried giving me different powders to take every day, change my diet, take laxatives because I have zero bowel movement and nothing has helped. I'm going in for a colonoscopy on Friday :(


I'm using the clean diet approach. It's a book I read by Tosca Reno called The Eat Clean Diet. I absolutely love it! I eat between 5 and 6 meals a day and its about mixing carbs and proteins to stay full. If I'm hunger I eat. I've never eaten this much and lost weight. I also try to stay between 1400 and 1800 calories a day. My normal breakfast is oatmeal, flaxseed, wheat germ, and berries mixed together and 4 egg whites and of course coffee. For about 330 calories. Full and tasty. 

I've lost 18 pounds in six weeks and started in November. I was very scared to start then because of all the holiday parties and drinking but I manged. I'm excited to loss weight at Christmas time instead of gaining. 

Good Luck




I'm deff not losing weight ! Trying to GAIN here lol


So sorry! I didn't mean to offend you. I just read the first question of how many calories to eat for breakfast and went from there.

 You are dealing with an issue I don't have answers for because I am having the opposite problem. Good Luck

Yeah my parents got me special k protein drinks. They're good for helping me add calories on days when they done seem to add up. One thing tjough, they look amazing, smell amazing, and taste like amazing mixed with medicine. Yuck lol

Oatmeal is great!!! But I love variety. I eat the same thing for too long and it gets boring to me.

I suggest about 400cal for breakfast. It keeps a person satisfied without being stuffed and boosts the metabolism for the day. I often have 2 packets of instant oatmeal (200cal) made with 1c milk (100cal) and a glass of juice (100cal) for a total of 400cal. Another thing I do it a bagel (250cal) with 2TBS cream cheese (100cal) and a coffee with sugar (50cal) for a total of 400cal. 

No one should ever eat between 1000-1200cal a day. A normal body takes 1500cal just to lie around all day for your heart to beat and organs to function. The absolute least you should be eating is 2000cal a day. On average, teenage girls need between 2200-2600cal a day, so I'll give you an idea of a 2400cal meal plan.

B: 400cal

S: 200cal

L: 600cal

S: 300cal

D: 600cal 

S: 300cal 

Total: 2400cal 

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