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I think it all started about 1-2 years ago, as far as I remember. I don't remember having problems before this, but now it became a huuuge problem which I can't control.

I bloat. BLOAT LIKE HELL, I want to add. ANY type of food, ANY quantity at ANY time of day, I will bloat. And yes, I have been asked if I'm pregnant! That's how bad it looks. It lasts the whole day. I've taken different medications which didn't help me AT ALL.

I don't know what to do. Lately I've noticed that If I suck my stomach in when I am snacking it makes a little, little difference in the size of my belly, but if I do this during meals it will not stand a chance. At school I've been asked about "what's happening" and I don't know what to say but ignore them...

So, stats:


Small frame

180.3 pounds

14 y/o

I went for an ultrasound a few months ago and said I was fine. How in the WORLD can I be fine if I constantly look pregnant?!?!?

Common stuff I eat daily:

Ham and Cheese Sandwich (Whole-grain bread)

Choc Biscuits (Or vanilla)


Croissant avec chocolat

The rest are pretty random :D. Basically my fuel comes from the sugar I eat daily and I use it a lot for walking around the school and going to my tennis classes :D

I first thought I had PCOS (severe acne, depression), then I thought it was a stomach ulcer (pain in upper left abdominal area at random moments, bloating) but now I'm confused. Does anyone have any ideas what it could be?

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Okay, I have a few theories so hang in there. I was rushed to the ER last night due to incredibly painful stomach issues

1. you may be allergic to gluten, which is in all those biscuits.

2. you may have a stomach cist, which i s what i had and that explained the bloating

3. you may be lactose in tolerant


I cut wayyyy down on sodium. From prob over 100% to about 1300 mg on an average day. It helped some, so maybe it will for you, to.

I am going to add you as a friend; I haeve never heard of someone with bloating so much like mine;)

I feel your pain, bloating is one of my pet peeves too!

I agree with the above poster, cutting down on sodium WILL help!

Also, ensure you are drinking at least the reccommended amount of water, as this will flush out any excess salt in your system.

Good luck!

And what would be the recommended amount of water??

This probably sounds like a lot but 8 glasses of water a day!


It sounds more like IBS to me. You also said yourself that you're eating a lot of sugar (it really sounds like a lot of crap, sorry) and that's really not very good for your stomach. How are your bowel movements? If you're not using the bathroom regularly it will create all those problems.

bowel movements, every day (TMI guys, sorry.)

I bloat like this too..

lowering your sodium doesn't help,

drinking lots of water doesn't help.

bowel movements don't help.

beat the bloat doesn't help.
This is a problem that ruins my day, every day.  It makes me cry after i eat.. it makes me cry when I'm getting dressed.
nothing helps, ever.
I gave up lactose for 2 months - no help.
I gave up gluten for 6 months - no help.

I am currently seeing a dietitian.  I'm hoping she can help me.  My doctor did not.
I got a colonoscopy, and gastroscopy.

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