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Best Weight for a girl of 5'5?

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What is the ebst weight for a girl that's 5'5? I never know what to set my goal for?

What do you other girls think- how much should someone in general weigh at 5'5?

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Well, i´m a girl of 5´5 and my goal weight is 120 lbs which i think is pretty okay. current weight 150 lbs though :( but i will be there eventually!!

typically 120-140 lbs is a healhy range, depending on your frame size

i'm 5' 5'' and I weigh 126. my goal weight is around 119 or 120ish

i find 118 to be my best weight - i feel good and i feel like i look good- but i have a small frame. 120-125 is what i've heard is best, but i know a few girls that are around 140 and look great.

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whatever your body looks best to you at!!!  Try not to go so much by numbers on a scale, and more by how you feel best!  Good luck!

A healthy weight for someone who is 14 and 5'5" is anything from about 101lbs  up to 140lbs.  Girls who are better-developed, have broader frames and who are more muscular will be at the upper end of that range.  Girls who are not so well-developed, have very slim frames and/or have immature bodies will be at the bottom end.  

So you're a healthy weight already and, because your body is a long way from being fully-developed, you should aim to control your weight sensibly through getting a healthy diet and taking plenty of exercise.  Calorie-restriction should only be undertaken a) if you're clinically overweight and b) with the supervision of a doctor. 

I've always heard it's 100 pounds for the first five feet, and then 5 lbs an inch after that. So for someone who is 5'5'' that would be 125 lbs. 

That being said, I've always liked myself thinner then that would put me, so that is really just a rough estimate.  

Wow...everyone here is smaller than me at a whopping 135 pounds. Big suprise.

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Wow...everyone here is smaller than me at a whopping 135 pounds. Big suprise.

 Whopping? nuh uh! Its all how you carry it, and how you feel!

100lbs is ridiculous for 5'5, 115 is about as low as you're supposed to go. Your doctor should give you s*$% for being less, its not healthy.

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You are a lot smaller than me!  I'm 5'5 and 152

I'm 5'5'' and 85lbs

5'5" and 85 lbs??? That puts you at a life-threatening BMI of 14.1... you should NOT be recommending that anyone be that size. 18.5 is the absolute minimum for a healthy BMI.

The Institute of Psychiatry states that anyone with a BMI of 14 or less requires immediate medical intervention...and since you're intentionally eating to lose weight (judging by your profile), you definitely are in denial about having a serious eating disorder.

Please get help... you're killing yourself.

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I'm 5'5'' and 85lbs

You are underweight with a BMI of 14.2.  A healthy weight for 5'5" at the age of 17 is anywhere from 110lbs -151lbs.  A lot of this will depend on muscle mass, bone density and hereditary traits, but 85 is not even approaching healthy.  As you get a couple years older, the minimum healthy weight increases.

''Nothing feels as good as thin feels'' My motto.


I STRONGLY disagree. Chocolate,kittens,getting an A and the warm sun on a winters day all feel better than 'being thin'. Being healthy is a better goal, I've come to realize this.

Original Post by cherrygirl18:

I'm 5'5'' and 85lbs

WOW. JUST WOW. WOW. not that I want to be that THIN but DAMN you must only have skin and bones.


I'm 5'4 currently 130 going to 120 , and with an athletic build. It's so hard for me to lose weight. gr.

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I'm 5'5'' and 85lbs

what i don't get is why you're proud of weighing so little, but ur profiles avatar pic is a girl that seems to be at a healthy weight thats probably a good 40lbs heavier than what you are now. most people put inspiring pics as their avatar or something they're proud of or want to be.

Original Post by cherrygirl18:

I'm 5'5'' and 85lbs

 Because you're anorexic and don't eat dinner.

I'm 5'5, but extremely underweight, I'm not anorexic, I weigh anywhere from 74 - 80 lbs. I think about 120 - 149 lbs is healthy for somebody who's 5'5, depending on body type of course.

Gi Jane- you say that weight should be controlled through a healthy diet and getting plenty of exercise. Define healthy diet and plenty of exercise? Why plenty, why not just adequate?

I'm 5'5 and my weight is 121.60 lbs, and I think that the average weight is between 110-130 lbs. 

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