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Does anyone want tto start a group for college kids who have been overweight most of their lives?

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I dont exactly know what a group does, or if its some kind of official or casual thing, but are there any other college kids here who have been overweight most of their lives.  Most of the posts I've seen are about 13 year olds who want to lose 10 lbs, or something, which doesnt interest me. 


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actually that sounds like a great plan! im new (2nd day woohoo!!!) but i think that would help alot of people. i was looking for one like that and i found this post instead lol

i dont really know how to make a group. do you have to do something official?

I'd join! Not sure how you go about creating one though...

We could just do a chat!

Okay everybody.  I guess the way we can do it is to do a weigh in every two weeks to keep track and just chat and encourage eachother throughout the weeks.  Im kind of bad at being a leader and dont have too many ideas for this group, so if anyone else has any ideas that'd be awesome.

I'll start.



Starting Weight--252lbs

Current Weight--227lbs

Goal Weight--anywhere between 120 and 150 (i dont really know how I would look skinny so its hard to pick an exact #)  My most immediate goal is to get down to 212 lbs because that is what I weighed in 7th grade its kind of a landmark for me.

Basically, I have been eating low carb.  Not entirely no carb, but low carb.  I also have cut out a lot of processed foods and try to avoid things with sugar.  I found out at the doctor that I am insulin resistant which affects weight gain and loss big time so I am taking insulin medication to help with my problems.  This is also why low carb is working for me.  Sugar just destroys my body.  I havent really gotten into exercise yet, but I am going to rent some workout videos from blockbuster to get the feel of them, before I actually buy anything.

I have been overweight forever.  I weighed 212lbs in 7th grade and got to my highest weight at 252lbs when I was 16.  I lost a little and then got back up to 252 when I was 19.  I dont know what its like to ever be healthy and my self esteem is very underdeveloped because of this.  Thats why I thought this group would be a good idea.  Its for people who have spent their childhoods big and dont know what its like to just be healthy.

Also, you dont have to be in college to join this group.  You can be older too.  I just want to distinguish this group from the other young people groups filled with middle school and high school kids.


Okay.  Bye


Well, I guess I'll give me stats. Unfortunately, I don't have a scale- but my progress will just be through pant bagginess (sometimes hard to distinguish since pants just get looser as you wear them, and in university, you know those babies only get washed once for every ten times you wear them!)

I'm 19 years old


SW: 205

C.C.S.W.: 150


While I'm no longer very overweight (just a little chubby, HUGE butt though) I spent my entire childhood being the fat friend. At 16, I weighed 205 and decided it had to stop there. I started circuit training which initially worked wonders. I made it to 175 before going off to university where I gained back 5-10 pounds. From the beginning of summer holidays in May until now, I mde it down to 145. I'm happy here. It's a good weight for my height. No, I'm not skinny, but my body type tells me I never will be. I too battled with self esteem, all the while being very active in drama productions, dance, music recitals etc that forced me to oppress a lot of my self- hate. It was there, just well hidden from the world. After losing weight, I wish I could say it's all gone but it's still a daily battle to look in the mirror and say "You are beautiful, just as you are". This group is going to be a great support system! I wish everyone the best on their bumpy journey to good heath!

ya dont worry about not having a scale.  this group is really casualy and there arent any real rules.Laughing  And i totally know what your talking about, about not washing the pants.  I thought i was the only one who did that. lol.

I'll join! I can't remember when I was skinny, in middle school i was slightly overweight but I carried well but as i got into high school I was obese. My highest weight at 5'3 was 235ish and at that point I was fed up with myself and decided I needed to lose some weight. So i got down to 198 and stayed there for about 2 years but once I started college I put all of that weight back on. So I'm  now 20 years old and weigh about 200lbs I lost the extra weight i put back on and now want to lose even more. I would love to get down to 140, but as stated I don't know what I will look like. I have small bone structure but I have an hour glass figure so I think even skinny I'm gonna have hips and boobs...we shall see...LOL.



I lost ALL of my boobs, but my butt- i swear it didn't change at all! Pear shape doesn't even begin to describe!


What have you guys all tried? Joined any gyms to help reach the goal?

i have been going to the gym. it definately helps but i hate it.  ive lost 25lbs so far and i havent lost any of my boobs yet.  im sure it will happen eventually.  i am a total apple shape.  i have a huge stomach and smaller (although still big) everything else.  i've been thinking this might be why i havent lost any boobs yet because i hold all my weight in the middle of my body.  apple shape sucks.  i didnt have a waist for a long time and people actually thought i was a boy sometimes.  it really sucked.

the only thing that works for me is cutting carbs.  i mentioned before that i have insulin problems and cutting carbs just feels good for me.  strangely enough its the only method that keeps me energized and not feeling hungry.


I have been trying to go to the gym 4-5 days  a week. And usually it ends up to be 4. And it helps a lot i think. I try to switch it up with cardio every day and when i hit a plateau i will probably try hiit and pilates to add to it. I also weight train because if you just do cardio you are losing muscle as well as fat and I wanna looked toned if i ever lose all this extra fat!

I've got to confess- apart from walking to and from campus, I'm doing ZERO exercise right now :(. I miss it but I hate hate hate the campus gym! I miss circuit training and socializing. The gym is so anti- social with Ipods and looks of sheer determination. SO not me. Sigh. I'm hoping that calorie counting and just walking are at least enough to keep me at maintenance- anything but gain! It is about 3 kilometers combined though, so I know that's a fair walk to help.

I didn't know that cardio made you lose muscle as well! Weight training definitely makes sense though. How are you liking it?



Honestly it's probably not the cardio it's self which is causing muscle loss, but when you lose weight it's not all fat and muscle is lost also. (LOL I'm not exactly sure how it all works). I just know I've heard it multiple times and that some people I've talked to who have lost a significant amount of weight wished that they had weight trained while they were losing weight.

As for me I enjoy weight training way more than cardio I've never liked runnung, but I'm getting used to it. And i just found out I have to take another gym class to graduate so i'm stepping it up on the treadmill so I won't be too outta shape come that gym class.

So I have another question how about dating for yall? For me I always feel so self conscious of my self and then i get flustered so I haven't dated in a long time, and I feel like its time I had a boyfriend again...

alright.  i have a super embarassing confession.  im 20 years old and never even been kissed Embarassed.  I have been painfully shy since forever and im hoping this weight loss will just allow me to feel comfortable.  one time this guy called me sexy and i was so taken aback that i actually convinced myself that i had heard him wrong--until he said it again the next day.  it really freaked me out.  but this is the only time ive ever had a guy actually be interested in me.  most guys would usually make fun of me or pretend to ask me out with all their friends standing nearby laughing.  my dad hasnt helped the situation either.  one time he told my mom that he already knew he was never going to get grandchilren (i was like 18 when he said it and my other sisters were 20 and 12 years old).  i have a lot of crap that makes me overwhelmingly self conscience.

next year i am going to live in the dorms of my school so im hoping that coupled with weight loss will help me come out of my shell.

I have a very difficult time speaking to men under a romantic context. I don't flirt well, and I am often unable to pick up flirtations and flirtatious compliments unless a friend points it out! I'm an extrovert and I handle most social situations very well. That said, boys were never interested while I was in high school and as a result, I don't know how to date or express any form of romantic emotion. It's been a learning process for me, and as we become our more attractive, healthier selves, we will have to learn how to interact... maybe even like normal people!

I think that living in the dorms wil help you socialize- only if you truly want it to be that experience. Leave your door wide open, walk around the floor. It's very easy to act anti-social in dorms too. Make sure you make the effort! You might even meet someone;). I've kissed many a fool, which I regret. I don't think it's embarassing that at 20 you haven't found love. Keep looking, he's (or she's) out there! You don't have to waste your time with mediocrity like many women (myself included) do!

Exude confidence, no matter what.

i dont know.  even my 14 year old sister thinks im a loser.  she has had a million boyfriends and ive had none (not that i actually care what my little sister thinks Undecided).  but it just seems like im so far behind sometimes. it feels weird being 20 and not ever having a kiss or a date.  its embarrassing.

Maybe you should look into Plentoffish, Lavalife, EHarmony etc. If you're having trouble finding people in real life, it might be worth your while to join a dating program. You could try just be more outgoing though! Maybe some one will take interest.

I agree you don't have to be embarrassed, I'm 20 and i've only kissed one boy (and I was 13!) so that doesn't even really count to me.  And I don't care i'm kinda proud I'm not gonna give in to the first guy who's interested if i don't like them like that I can't bring myself to even go on a casual date. And living in the dorms can help but don't expect magic it can still be difficult to put you self out there. I'm kinda weird i can be one of the most out going fun person but the next day feel so self conscious and stumble over my words. I'm transferring schools this semester so I'm soooo worried because I basically have to start over again and making new friends can be so hard for me. But i'm excited to see what happens and to start over again...especially now that i'm starting to feel a little bit pretty.

Are you guys getting revved up for the holidays yet? Thanksgiving or Christmas? I'm Canadian so we had Thanksgiving long ago, and I am peeing my pants in anticipation for Christmas. I'm done my exams really early this year, so I get to spend almost an entire month back in my hometown. I go to school in Ottawa, which is roughly 5 hours from home, so I only see my family at holidays. What traditions do you guys have? Baking (deadly, I know) has always been a favourite of mine! I also love decking everything out in Christmas colours and the family expedition to find the Christmas Tree- our Holy Grail, of sorts. Are you guys going to try to keep the healthy eating up over the holidays, or take it as a mini- break?

my family is kind of weird.  we have weird holiday traditions.  instead of having a sit down, homecooked meal for christmas, we always order chinese food.  we are also eating chinese food this thanksgiving because my mom has to go out of town and the rest of us are too lazy to make a big thanksgiving without her.  also on new years eve we eat all kinds of food from the deli and on easter, we always have mexican food.  The holidays always make me eat really unhealthy, but it only lasts one day every couple of months so it shouldnt screw me up too bad.

Hi there, I'm Amber & 18 years old (turning 19 at the end of Dec.)

5' 7"

SW: 200

CW: 185

GW: 145

I've been overweight all my life & I've finally decided to make a change.

In response to the previous discussion on dating, I have no experience there. I've never been kissed, had a boyfriend, or went on a date Embarassed
Sometimes I don't care about that, but most of the time, I feel discouraged and sad. I really hate admitting that to people (I don't like to lie) but I feel better knowing I'm not the only one.

Anyway, about the holidays, my family doesn't do anything too special. The college I attend doesn't have a dorm & it's kind of close so I still live at home. My father just cooks a turkey (one for Thanksgiving and one for Christmas) and my parents & my older sister eat dinner together.
I'm worried I'm going to gain weight after this. My sister and I tend to eat a lot of turkey throughout the day. I'd like to eat healthy, but I have very low will power.

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