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does anyone else feel ashamed to eat in front of people ?

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Does anyone feel really ashamed to eating in front of people does anyone else grt this feeling or is it just me xox

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yep i do all the time. i cant even eat in front of my friends. i also hate watching other people eat too. eating is just gross tbh  

Getting that repulsed by eating is a little worrying- the fact you guys find it that horrible is kind of indicative of a slightly 'off' attitude to food. Bit saying you guys have an ed or anything, just saying that you should evaluate how you feel about food and what emotions it gives you before this spirals anywhere (been there, didn't catch it, not a good idea)

Yes.  It stems from my eating disorder.  I hate eating in front of people- makes me feel guilty/self-conscious.  I also feel somewhat repulsed watching other people eat.  Again, probably an ED thing.  It's definitely not a healthy attiitude toward food and eating though.

In that case, come to my arms, sista. :/ Youre definitely not alone on this one, I have to eat alone to relax, i dont want people looking at what im eating- i get really paranoid and defensive cause I feel my mum is checking everything I eat :/ I can't watch my dad and sister shove their faces full of bread and pasta either, makes me freak out (get all panicky and start binging and feeling anxious etc) So much for offering sensible advice :|
Thank god for that people have said things like well there not looking at you and its all in my head and then the worst i have had is when people have actually tried to feed me and i have felt so veil xx i wonder why people dont understand xxoxx

You're not the only one.  However, when I feel this way, I know it's just my eating disorder talking.  It's often hard for me to decipher my "me" voice from my "ED" voice, but there are some times when it's possible.

My bf has a host of this stuff- he says he knows when it's 'ana' talking and when it's him (really hate the ana/Mia ****, it's so **** up but it helps him see it as a physical thing to work against) but sometimes he's no sure how much of HIM is a result of 'her' :/ I just know that i will start screaming blue murder at my mum if she even looks at my food, let alone starts asking what I've made and how I've cooked it and are all of your food groups in there and GAAAH it just makes me twitch :/ I think it's mostly a defensive thing- the paranoia of 'everyone's against me, food is the enemy, they all want me fat' etc coupled with the 'don't want them looking too closely at how little/what I'm eating cause dobt want them commenting/interfering/heaven forbid stopping me.' Basically, s'not a good sign. :| i still get twitchy when my friends make comments on me just eating soup at lunch but I don't go all freaky like I used to- try sitting around people eating, just being in the common room talking with people while they eat crisps or something has helped me loads, it makes you used to it and sonetimes you can get moments of 'hey, its just food.' xxx
for me, it depends on what im eating. like, if I'm eating something messy, then ofc i be embarrassed!:) i mean, ew, nobody wants to be seen with nutella smeared all over their face hahah x)

I used to refuse to eat in public or in front of people I didn't know well. I'd always say I forgot my lunch or didn't have money at school because I was so scared that people would judge me or think I was fat or something... But I'm over it now. I realized that I don't stare at people eating, so people probably don't stare at me, either.

I usually try to avoid pasta/ribs/etc. in public, just because I think it's gross to slurp up noodles or have sauce all over your face, haha... But sometimes it can't be helped. ;) 

Back when I had an ED, I'd hate it if I had to eat around other people, because I knew they were going to notice how little I ate. But I never felt gross or guilty eating around others. No one's going to just sit there and watch you eat. And I have good table manners, so even if they do I wouldn't really care. Besides, a teenager is supposed to have a voracious appetite, and I'm not overweight or anything, so there's no reason to be ashamed of eating a lot around other people. I mean, you probably shouldn't stuff yourself and overeat, but you shouldn't do that when you're alone either.

But if for some reason you do feel bad about eating in front of other people, you might have an eating disorder. But when I say an eating disorder, I don't mean serious anorexia where you end up starving yourself down to 90 lbs. Any insecure, unhealthy relationship with food is an ED. No one's going to judge you when you eat, and if they do make some snarky comment, then just tell them to f*** off. Everyone's gotta eat!

Yeh i have been officially diagnosed with bulimia and I'm very over weight so now i sorta no that its the voices in my head xox i just cant even stay in rooms were people eat its food like the sound of them chopping ergh i hate it uno xox

Yeah, I HATE eating with people. After being diagnosed with anorexia last year, I started getting the classic question 5 times a day: "Did you eat? What did you eat? How much did you eat?" Like wardens or something. Before getting diagnosed, my friend used to try and practically force me to eat gummy bears every day during lunch. Now, I hate when I'm alone in the kitchen and am making something and someone will come up and watch what I'm making. I know that should bug me but it irritates the crap outta me cuz I feel like they're judging me. And I wouldn't say I'm repulsed by watching others eat but when we have family dinners, I watch how others prepare their meals, and part of me is curious as to why they put so much sauce on something, or ranch or whatever, another part wonders how they can eat like that and not be worried, and then there is the part that is sickened, especially by my brother and father who are overweight. Anything they eat, I just wanna scream at them which I know is totally eating disorder talk but I can't help it and it makes me wanna eat less and less and UGH I hate it. Eating in public will NEVER be easy to do again. I don't even remember how I could tolerate it before.

I hate eating public as well! One, because I feel like everyone is watching me and seeing how much I eat. I'm always think they're saying look how much that girl eats! Its huge!

Also, I hate noises people make when eating, esp when they eat with their mouths open! Even at home, I cant stand it. I get frustrated haha :)

I agree I hate the noises!!! I just wanna leave the room when it happens. I realize how the relationship with food changes when u have an ED- I used to think like a lot of the posts here but i know those things have changed for me now . Not everything of course, but a lot thank goodness
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I think it's it absolutley nasty. I can't stand watching other people stuff their face with nasty gross junk. I hate the word food too. It makes me like gag. Ew.
Yes.. And I'll tell you why. Even though I'm a normal weight now, when i was obese I was laughed at and people made fat comments if they saw me eating. Because of that even now I associate eating in public with that humilation I had been subject to in the past. I think that's the case with many people; if they admit to it. It's sad.
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lol me too :D , i thought iam the only 1 xD

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lol yep

I HATE eating in front of people. I always feel like they're judging how much food I'm having or that I'm being a pig if I have a certain kind of food. It also grosses me out to watch others eat, like when my parents eat breakfast, I always wait until they're done so then I can eat by myself, it's just so gross how they eat? like I can't explain it. but it's gross imo. I know it's connected to my eating disorder, & it probably won't get better, because even after being in recovery for a super long time it seems, I can't get over this one thing. I can only really eat in front of someone that I'm EXTREMELY comfortable with or another person with an eating disorder ( bc then we can discuss it and know that we are not judging each other )
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