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does anybody else have a flabby stomach like this?

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well hi--

i have a lot of flab on my stomach, but it doesn't seem to be the kind of flab that i've seen on other girls' stomachs. instead of puffing out in the middle, it's round all over and there's a pretty defined line where the gross stuff overlaps.

anyway, the point i'm trying to make is that it looks unusual, even for a flabby stomach. here's a picture: del/060608_1850.jpg?t=1212888154

(ps: the link won't work unless you copy, paste, and delete the space between "vi" and "del" on "ssj_videl"; idk why that's there)

see that line? most girls i've seen don't have that, even if they have a flabby stomach.

what i can't tell is if it's skin or fat. it looks to me like the gut of an overweight person, except that i'm 116-118 pounds. does anybody else have a stomach like this? if so, is it normal and how can i work on it?

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For some reason, the link did not pull up, but I have a flabby stomach.  Mine came after I had my two kids, but I have friends that have kids, and their stomachs don't look like mine!  I always had a nice looking stomach until now, and it drives me insane!!!  Have you found any suggestions.  I just ordered Barry's Bootcamp, and I'm starting it tommorrow...hopefully it works! I'm not too big, but I'm bigger than I was.  I was about a 4 to 6 before I had my kids, and now I'm a 10.  Everyone always tells me that I don't need to lose weight and I don't look bad, but they just piss me off because I know where I want to be to be happy!!

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ah, yeah same.. i keep getting the "you're so skinny", but nobody's seen me naked. psh.

oh, and about the link: does this one work? del/060608_1850.jpg?t=1212888154

I have that EXACT same line! I am not overweight at all, I am at a perfectly healthy weight. I could stand to lose 5 lbs but I am not fat. But when I'm standing in front of a mirror naked I have this huge gut and the line that defines the gut just like you! I am so glad someone else understands! I don't know why it's there and I don't know how to get rid of it genetic?

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ahhh i'm glad i'm not the only one with this issue.

i don't know if it's genetic because i'm adopted; does anybody else know about this?

my parents are both severly overweight so I don't know because I'm not. I always attributed it to the fact that I used to be kind of overweight and now even though I'm fairly slim it will just....never go away. It's hard to find bathing suits to look good at ALL because I've got a serious gut, the bottom has to go up and cover the line but then it looks all funny. Ughh I hate that!

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dude same D8

i have a hard time looking at myself in a swimsuit or tight clothes because i'll go crazy when i see that line. it makes me feel like i'm still overweight.

All girls have an extra layer of fat on their stomachs.. sadly

There's really no way to get rid of it unless you lose more weight

..That's just my answer. It's not a suggestion.

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what i mean is that the 'extra layer' isn't supposed to look like that; from what i've seen, the fat tends to sit a little higher up on the stomach, instead of making such a line near the bottom and making the stomach look unshapely and round. does that make sense?

that's also why i think it might be skin; when i pinch the area around the 'line', it's like pinching the skin on the top of my hand.

unfortunately losing weight isn't an option, as much as i would like to. my doctor won't let me. are there any exercises that actually work at tightening up that extra gunk?

Jackknives. Do lots and lots of jackknives. fe-sit-ups.html

I have the line, too. It's probably hereditary but that's just my theory.

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i tried doing some of those and i can't do them without having my ass leave the ground D8

where are you supposed to feel the burn, do you know?

thanks for the suggestion, also.

It's okay if your butt leaves the ground, just make sure your PELVIS doesn't leave the ground too much. And you should feel the most burn in your lower abs if you're doing it correctly, but after a while your whole abdomen should burn.

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i have the line too! i got it after having my two babies.. i am in a size 6 but i think the line is almost like a stretch mark from losing all my baby weight. so if you had weight and lost it maybe thats where the line came from. i don't know if it will go away.

i hope so though!


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oh, so maybe it's actually skin then.

i did go from 140 lbs to 110 lbs in about 3 months, so maybe that's why the line is happening.

Uh you think YOURS is bad??? Look at my pics, the recent ones are of me in the white bikini, mine is way worse. Oh but look at it last summer!!!! (the pic of me in the pink bikini holding up the rum) I mean HOLY **** it was like a freakin tire around my waist! 

I hate the line so much, life would be amazing without it : [ sadly we can only get rid of it by losing more weight

-my bad, double post-

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i don't mean to be offensive at all, but you're also 170 pounds so sure you'll have it. were you ever at a lower weight and did your stomach look like that?

i'm just curious because i'm not overweight, and it seems like an overweight thing to me. again, no offense intended. it's just that i'm not allowed to lose any more weight.

We definitely are similar garnet becuase I lost about the same amount of weight in the same amount of time (138 to 112 over a summer). If it is excess skin is there anything that can be done?

How did you two lose that much weight that fast?  Please tell me!!!  I feel like nothing i'm doing is working, and I'm hypothyroid, so that doesn't help.  It's almost to the point where I want to just give up and seek counseling to learn to love me the way that I am...I feel that I am all out of options...I try to eat right, I work out like crazy, yet this freaking thyroid problem just will not allow my body to let go of the weight.  I have friends that I persuade  to work out with me and they lose weight while mine just lingers...

I lost a lot of weight previously because my eating habits were so poor. As soon as I cut out fried food, soda, got off my sedentary butt and started doing some cardio the pounds came pouring off.

The hardest part now is losing the last few pounds now that I already have good habits. I just need to make them great habits :-P

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since you asked, it's because i cut my calories to 700 a day last summer. not that i'm advising it.

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