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I find it annoying how all these girls who sound perfectly fine and skinny and all that want to lose weight. It's come to the point where I don't want to look thru the forum to find something interesting.
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I agree with myself. Moo

I dont know, I see a lot of teenagers on here talking about losing weight when they turn sideways and they disappear.

I see alot of girls who have a BMI of 20 wanting to lose to a BMI of 18 or something ridiculous. I can see if its a BMI of 20 and maybe like...5 pounds depending on your height, but anything over 10 is asking for failure and a disorder waiting to happen.


I honestly don't think it's their faults. Society has basically lured many teenaged girls into thinking a BMI of like 17 is 'perfect' and 'thin' and they just sort of... fall into it. Along with low self esteem. I actually pity them :/

Exactly, the way models and every girl on tv is, creates low self esteem and eating disorders. And the school girls certainly don't help. So yeah I can see how it's not there fault, but honestly I'm sick of hearing about it. And sadly there is no way to fix it. And even sadder, I want to try to fix it.
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