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This always makes me snack uncontrollably!

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I'm 14, 5'. School ends at 3.15 / 6.30 PM for me. I eat breakfast and lunch at school. Normally, breakfast would be 2 slices of wholemeal bread with 1 slice of low-fat cheddar, while lunch would be 2 slices of wholemeal bread with low-fat ham. However, whenever I reach home, I can't stop myself from snacking. I think, "It won't hurt to eat low-calorie foods since I'm ___ calories away from maintenance..." And then, I eat oatmeal cookies (132), cheese crackers (119), yogurt (47), marshmallows (90)... Some of which are not even healthy, just low in calories! :| Also, I tend to go over maintenance after overeating for dinner (for the same reason). What should I do to prevent myself from thinking like that?
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Here are some tips that I use for controlled snacking: - don't eat a snack right away. Wait an hour or two and then have it. That will make you look forward to it and you won't just be eating because you're bored. - pick out a snack that you are going to eat and log it in advance. -this is all mind over body and you just have to control yourself - find something to do in the mean time so you won't just eat b/c your bored. - drink water before your snack. Sometimes your body confuses hunger and thirst

How about adding to your lunch and breakfast so you don't feel hungry? Add a hardboiled egg, have greek yogurt and granola, etc etc. A piece of fruit or two for a snack, ...

I noticed you don't have any fruit or vegetables in your day (or at least not until supper)... You should add these in to keep you more full, and also just because they're healthy.  Add them in at meals and between meals, and don't wait until you're starving to eat.  Two sandwiches until supper may be calorically alright but volume-wise, it's very little.  Your body needs volume as well as calories to feel satisfied, and that's probably why you get so hungry before suppertime.  Think salads, stir-fries, raw veggies, raw fruit, etc.

Thank you so much! :)
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I have the exact same problem! I usually eat next to nothing or nothing for lunch but when i get home i lose my control and splurge. What has helped me is structuring my afternoon. First i have a healthy snack like an apple or something similar. Then i get in a little exercise and do homework. Make sure you are not just snacking because you donthave anytging else to do

Well for one it looks like you are not eating enough and you definetally are not eating very healthy.


Try eating a bigger breakfast. Eat an omelet or scrambled eggs with veggies or something. It's really yummy and keeps you full. Then for lunch try to eat  more protein or something haha. Just cut out the bread if you can it's doing nothing for you. If you add more proteins and fats you will be full and not snack. I'm 14 too and eat really healthy and am never hungry.

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