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zig zagging calories

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I am currently going between 192-195lbs and have decided to try the zig zagging calories. I am 5"6 and 28 years old. I lead a sedentary life exercise wise.

I was wondering from people who have tried this (who weigh in daily) whether your weight fluctuates a lot depending on how many cals you consumed the day before?

For example, mon and tues I was eating 1560 cals and yesterday was told to eat 1800 - which I did but found the scales had gone up by 1.4lbs this morning! Today is another 1550 day.

I guess I just want to know what others expereince has been and whether is has worked for you?

My weight so far:

Monday - 195lbs

Tuesday - 194lbs

Wed  - 193lbs

Today - 194.4lbs

I am going to try this until next Monday...

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I think most people here probably do unintentionally 'zig-zag' their calories. With CC as long as you have a healthy deficit it can go up or down without any negative effects. Last week I had a couple of days where I only just managed to keep a deficit and a couple of days where I had a nice sized deficit - still lost 2lb! Maybe it does keep the metabolism on its toes to go up and down in intake like that, but if you're still keeping a healthy deficit this is what most people do just because you don't always end up eating the same amounts! If its done to extremes though and its outside of your personal healthy deficit I would think it would have a negative effect on the body in the long-run...

Zig zagging calories for me is much different. 4 to 5 days in a deficit, then 2 days of maintenance or higher, generally higher but with an overall deficit after number crunching.......shifting calories a few hundred like your doing probably won't do much, if anything. The point to zig zagging is hormonal....to fool the body. On the refeed days much of the food are carbs as well.

I have been doing major zigzags -- staying towards the low end of my allowed calories, but then having days when I seriously exceed. (It's probably not the healthiest, but it is better than ALWAYS exceeding, or going below deficit, and it works best in my life, so ...)

Anyway, I have managed to lose almost 30 pounds since February 1. Albeit, I started at 196 (5'5'', 26 years old), so there was weight to lose ... But this includes spring break, when I really didn't count at all, and quite a few baseball games, dinners out, etc. Even days when I didn't get to the gym AND ate too much!

Of course, if I was to weigh myself every day, my weight loss wouldn't look linear. When you generally eat 1300-1400 calories and you eat 3000, you're not going to weigh the same thing on the scale the next day as you otherwise might have. But the water weight comes off and the food weight most certainly hasn't piled on. Not that you have to zigzag, since there are plenty of ways to diet, and whichever one works for you is the one that makes the most sense (as long as it's healthy and sensible) but I would give it more than a week before deciding if it's working or not.

katecam, sounds like we have similar stats. Laughing

I have done the zig zag thing before. I sort of learned it when I was in weight watchers a few years ago. One of the best websites I found regarding this explains how it works. It did work for me before! Check it out!



"zig-zagging" calories to me is normal eating.  I'm not going to eat the same thing everyday and therefore I'm not going to have the same number of calories every day.  I will stay in the appropriate range though.

I weigh myself every day and I have never noticed a difference in weight based on how many calories I ate the day before.  I will get a bump in weight if I've had a particularly salty meal the day before but that's water weigh and it is usually gone in a few days.

If your concern is you are not budging from that range for a period of time, then you are at a setpoint, which ASK Mary talks about and there is a book, I read and was suggested in the article.

Changing your calorie intake by alittle will not effect your weight.  Your body just adjusts everyday to what is a range near your set point.  Say if your weight is 200 pounds, the 10% loss before you reach your setpoint is 20 pounds.  If you have already accomplished close to that weight loss, nothing you will do will change the fact that you are hovering over the same numbers. 

Your metabolism has to change to your new weight and develop a new setpoint, which usually take 3-6 months, as indicated by the experts and medically proven by George L. Blackburn, "Break Through your Setpoint".  If I remember right, he is from Harvard Medical.

I hope I have helped in a way that is useful to you.  If you need further information, please feel free to contact me personally through a personal message.

Take care and God Bless

A link to a site that generates a zig zag plan for you :

http://www.freedieting.com/tools/calorie_calc ulator.htm#

Don't weigh yourself everyday. That is not true weight loss/gain. Once a week or once every 2 weeks is enough. Weigh yourself first thing in the morning, after you have used the rest room before you eat anything. Same time of day to get a fairly accurate result.

Zig-zagging is fine if you never drop too low. I tend to watch and be careful during the week so that I can have a cheat meal on Friday and Sunday. I don't have entire cheat days but just a cheat meal. Even then I watch, no mayo, butter, fatty dressings and so on. I make those my harder workout days also. Sprints/HIIT, lifting.

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