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Weight Loss
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21yrs, 5ft 8, 221lbs want to lose weight 10lbs at a time. Looking for motivation buddys

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Hey, I have joined CC as a true start for my weight loss(hopefully). I am in my final year at university and want get healthy and lose(some) weight before i have to start work.

Starting this topic to keep me on track as i have tried to lose weight many times before and failed. Lots of tips needed.

I will weigh in once a week, please feel free to do the sameSmile

Starting weight: 221Frown

Current weight: 221

First goal weight: 210

Ultimate goal weight: 160

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hello everyone...i have been MIA for a couple of weeks but i've been really busy and haven't had time to update. that being said, here are my latest stats:


SW: 214

CW: 205.6

NGW: 203, 204

GW: 175, 180

although this loss is going slowly, i'm glad that it's sticking and i feel more confident than ever that i will reach my goal by the end of the year. I've started sculpting twice a week and although it's too soon to say i see a huge difference i'm glad that i've committed to going (actually i made a deal with the instuctor that i would come for 6 weeks straight and see what my results are vs doing cardio only). hope everyone is still going strong :-)

i guess the group kinda fell off...well i don't have any updates, i'm still at 205 working towards being 204 this week. i hope everyone is still in it to win it...

Hey y'all! :] Totally didn't fall off the planet. School's been tough but I'm back and I'll post some updates sooon! Glad to see yall are doing well.

So my weight that I lost over the summer has come back! Lol college food and new routines are death to my food and exercise habits. Nonetheless, I'm back on my routine with exercise and calorie counting and might I add, I'm not doing to shabby. Hope all of you are doing well (looks like I'm not the only one gone missing)! So here are my stats:

SW: 245

CW: 244 (lost my pound for the week :] )

NGW: 242 (hopefully this week since I'm doing more exercising!!)

GW by my bday (Jan 10th): 199-210

Hi ladies!! I've been MIA for like a month now. No news for me. I've literally been fluctuating between 188-190 for the past month and a half. I've tried just about everything to get over it, but it just won't budge. I refuse to let this defeat me! I've increased my end of year goal weight to 180, and I want to reach my goal weight of 155-160 by May of next year! Plenty of time to get this thing going again! I wish you ladies luck!!!! As soon as I see a significant drop, this is the first place I'm posting it! Smile

Ah man. Sucks that it's not as going as the first few posts. I read the first couple of pages and was so excited to see a thread like this. I hope the amount of people and encouragement come back. I'd love to be a part of this!!

Anyways... just in case it gets going again..

I'm 23, 5'7" (not sure if I used the right symbols. lol.)

Sw: 215



Heyy sooo I've def dropped 2 lbs this wk getting back into everything so I figured I would post AGAIN lol I really am excited about it.

harmonpl Glad to see you're back! I was gone for a while too lol but nonetheless even though you're not losing you're still maintaining and that's def worth a congrats!! Hope to hear more good news from you sooon!

o0danielle0o Glad you joined us. Like myself, alot of us have been out of the loop, but I'm def into getting back into the swing of things. You and I are the same height and I def weigh more than you but we can buddy up cuz my GW is close to yours. Good luck && hope to hear from you soon!



GW this week: 241

have a good weekend y'all!Laughing

Hi!  I just joined CC and would like to join this forum as well.  I'm wanting to lose weight for my wedding this coming up May 2010.  I started with my weight loss this past August and am finding I am needing more motivation to keep up with it.

I'm 28 years old, 5'6" tall.

Starting Weight: 204

Current Weight: 176

Short Term Goal Weight: 150

Goal Weight: 135

What day are you doing the weekly weigh ins?

I just joined as well :) I'm 20 years old, 5'7" tall.

Starting weight: 220

Short term goal weight: 200

Goal weight: 150

hi there fightingtheunilbs my name is tina and i started cc about 8 months ago and i started out at 250lbs and i am now down to 148.0 and i have 8 more lbs to lose to get to my goal weight wich is 140 i lost 102lbs so far and all i did was i eat smaller portions at supper time i exercise 5 days a week i drink alot of water i drink diet soda with 0 everything and i dont eat anything after 8:00 pm. and i snack on animal crackers and pretzels. so if u have any questions and u want to talk let me know ok talk soon tina

hi there tmoaklley11 how are u doing im doing ok i read your post  u are doing good dont give up i was at your point and now im down 10 pant sizes 6 underwear sizes 8 bra sizes and i went from a shirt size of 2x to a medium so if i can do it u can so good luck and let me know if u want to talk thanks tina

Hey rosie_1981 well to the group! Congrats on getting married & this is the perfect group to help ya get to ya desired weight. Good luck!

bright_eyes welcome to the group hun!!

myksgirl43, you are such an inspiration!! congrats on getting almost to your goal.. I'm hoping to get where you are now. I'd love to talk with you and get some advice from youuu.. and mayb even buddy up! Hope to hear from ya soon!!

Just in general, I did a lot of eating out this weekend.. lol BIG NO NO! and the holidays aren't gonna help much either I'm sure. Still working on getting under 240 this week :] I was able to work in some exercise, and nap time.. which was WONDERFUL because I've definitely been struggling with balancing it out. Good luck everyone!!



GW this wk: 240

GW overall: 140-160


This week has been SO bad for me. My daughter has H1N1 so I've been stuck in the house since Sunday morning. I've still been watching what I'm eating but I'm not moving NEARLY as much as I should be. I'm hoping to get out for a nice long walk today. I just need some sort of exercise. I feel SO lazy. It's yucky.

glad to see the group has picked back up...anyway, i have no change in weight to report. i'm pretty much maintaining right now. i started the 30 day shred this morning and my body is definately feeling it from those 20 mins. i feel like i will see results soon if i stick with it. hope everyone is doing good and i'll post when i hit my next loss...

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Hello everyone,

I am new on here and have to do something.  I cant procratinate anymore and my weight is making me not so good about anything.

current weight 230

goal weight 160 

As long as I am losing something and noticing a difference right now, I will be happy.  Kiss

Bigger goals to come.

hey ther hallerz i was where u are only i was 250lbs and now im down to 148.0 and it took me awhile and im not done yet, i have 8 more lbs to lose so hang in there and yes you can do it, it just takes time  so keep up the good work to all of u and to u hallerz. tina

I'm in such a similar boat!

I'm 20 years old, 5'8" and I'm finally able to start really working on losing some weight now that my new job has given me some routine and structure. I'm so excited about this group, and I will definitely by "weighing in" with you guys!

Starting weight - 230lbs

Current weight - 198lbs

Short term goal - 180lbs for Jan 1, 2010 :)

Goal weight - 145lbs for when my boyfriend and I plan on getting married sometime in 2013.

Hey, mind if I join in?

I've been with CC forever and a day it seems, but never bothered joining any groups. Eventually I decided I do better by making small goals and this one sounds just perfect.

I'm 27, 5'4" and I've only recently been easing my way back into exercise after a dog bite on my leg in March that took months to heal then a knee sprain in the summer.

Starting weight - 216 pounds

Current weight - 205.3 pounds

Smaller goal - 199 pounds

Long term goal - 140 pounds

Was trying to reach 199 again (I hate being over 200) by Thanksgiving but my weight has gone up and down within a pound or so for two weeks so I doubt that'll happen. Maybe if I lose a ton of water weight I might be able to do it by Christmas. Ehe... What day do you all do your weigh in? :)

Hey, this seems great, mind if I join too?


I'm 19, a sophomore in college, and have been overweight my entire life. I'm ready to change that though. I always had really unhealthy eating habits and yo-yoed around a lot in weight but for the past few months I've been doing well at staying on track and hopefully this can help me continue that.


Starting weight - 213 pounds

Current weight - 190.8 pounds

Smaller goal - 180 pounds

Ultimate goal - 138 pounds


I know this time's going to be different :)


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