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Weight Loss
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21yrs, 5ft 8, 221lbs want to lose weight 10lbs at a time. Looking for motivation buddys

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Hey, I have joined CC as a true start for my weight loss(hopefully). I am in my final year at university and want get healthy and lose(some) weight before i have to start work.

Starting this topic to keep me on track as i have tried to lose weight many times before and failed. Lots of tips needed.

I will weigh in once a week, please feel free to do the sameSmile

Starting weight: 221Frown

Current weight: 221

First goal weight: 210

Ultimate goal weight: 160

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Starting weight: 265

Current weight: 265

First goal weight: 230

Ultimate goal weight: 150

Original Post by beautifulnoire:

Hey I just learned bout this site. I am 24 and I have three children i weigh 265 and 5"7" CrySo that is horrible. I have a wedding I am in in august and I am just depressed. I would Like to Join this group becaue it seems motivating and fun. What days do weigh in on and how do i start excercising with no money for a gym membership. Is it possible to workout without going to a gym maybe at park.

 OMG don't be depressed about a wedding!  I think you could go for jogs around the block.  I think if you run around your blok 6 times that would be 3 miles!  If I didn't have bad knees I would run outside.  You can even power walk.  or take walks for your lunch breaks at work.  You need to make a deal to yourself.  Thats the only way I was able to lose weight (still have lots to go!) I made a vow to myself never to be fatter than I was at that moment.  You can do it!  If I can lose 30 pounds already you can do it!  I feel so much better about myslelf and feel more healthy!  Good luck! I think weigh ins are tuesdays...

Not sure if it's too late to join in here?


SW: 181lbs

CW: 177.5lbs

GW: 150-155lbs

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Original Post by snowfence:

just popping in to say... 

5'8" & 221?!  oh geez...  i wish i had found you guys back in september!  :D  good luck everyone!!!

i started on 9/4, 5'8" & 218.  thanks to this site, i'm 148 today!!!

if i can do this, anyone can!!!

 Wow that's great!!!!!!! You are my exact goal!!!! You just gave me tons of motivation!

Alright. So after my first week of trying to lose weight, I seriously dropped the ball! I don't want to name names, but SOMEONE got me really really drunk from WAY too much beer this weekend. To the point that I can't honestly fill in my caloric intake for the weekend because I don't even know what I drank. So now I'm a little bit sad, still very pumped to lose weight, but definately hanging my head in shame. I have been drinking lots of water since though, and I've got some serious exercise in, but I fear my weigh-in tomorrow won't be pleasant. :(

I'd like to join in too.  I need some moral support here!

Age: 26

Height: 5 foot 7

Starting weight:  237

Current weight:  237

First goal weight:  200

End goal weight: 150


I would like to join you guys.  This is the first time I really feel like I'm ready/motivated to actually do this and not give up.

I am 24


Started @ 227

Now @ 224

First Major Goal = 200

Final Goal = 140

i really love this group!  i know i don't belong here, but it's just like a whole bunch of old me's!  :D  i know how frustrating it can be, and how awesome, too!

i just had to pop in again & check in on you guys.  you CAN do it!!!  you ALL can do it!!!  i love to see all this motivation, and that's exactly what you need.  always remember your goal!  you ALL can weigh anything you want!!!  just choose a number  :D

i never knew that!!!  but i do now.  i'm pretty happy where i am right now.  i'd like to lose more weight, but i don't really care.  hubby keeps saying i'm too skinny.  i'm not!!!  but i love hearing that  :D

let me know if you need any help, AND think of this as a lifestyle change NOT a diet!!! 

just start with a few simple changes that you know you can live with.  my 1st 2 changes were never to eat an entire giant toffee symphony bar all at once again, and never to eat an entire large bag of chips all at once again.

I want to join too. Today is my first day on the site.

Height: 5'9"

Current weight: 217.6

Ultimate goal: 145 (small frame)


How do we form a group?

ok yall, how was everyones weekend calorie wise? i cheated a bunch but also ran a 10k. anyone else?


ps, dont forget tomorrow is weigh-in day!!

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Well I had a "cheat day" on Saturday... But I still feel confident about my weigh in tomorrow. Because of my workout regime and me sticking to my calories besides my cheat day... I wish everyone good luck for tomorrow and sending those good weight loss vibes!!!! :-) And welcome everyone that has joined!


Starting weight: 221

Current weight: 206

Next goal weight: 200

Ultimate goal weight: 160

I just realised that I actually weighed 211 last week not 221 but i am leaving 221 as my starting weight as i was this weight in january.

Anyway, week 1 weight loss 5lbs Smile

This is my last weigh in as a 21 year old as its my birthday on wednesday. I want to achieve my goal weight by the time i turn 23(now i have put it into writing it has to happen).


Weigh In Day

Start weight: 245

Last weeks weight: 236

This weeks weight: 234

Next Goal: 200

Ultimate Goal: 140

I'm down 2 pounds. That feels pretty good considering I cheated like crazy on Saturday. (I had a club sandwich, fries, a burger, chips and I got wasted drunk. Total like 4000 calories for the day. I did a 10k that day but it didn't make up for it). I'm not feeling good today though. 

Anyway, good luck guys!! I'm sure you did wonderfully!!

Weigh in Day

Starting weight: 227 lbs

Current weight: 214 lbs

First Goal: 210 lbs

Week one weight loss: 4 lbs

Four More to Go to my First EVER weightloss goal! I'm so on this. This makes 11 pounds for our group so far. Keep 'em comin'!

Weigh In Day

Starting Weight:  237

Current Weight:  226

First Goal: 200

Week One Weight Loss:  11 lbs

I don't know how accurate that is.  I weighed myself on April first and it was 237, but it was later in the day.  There can't be any way that I lost that much weight!  Anyway, I took note of the time I weighed in today and will weigh at the same time next week.

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Starting weight: 217

Last weeks weight: 205

This week: 203

First Goal: 200

Ultimate goal: 150

Week one loss: 2lbs!

Good job everyone!!! You guys all did great so far!!!! There's a possiblity you could have lost 11 lbs in one week with really god eating and extensive excercise like the biggest loser people... but it's not common... so dont be discouraged if next week you only lost 1-3 lbs that's more common....


Original Post by kaiasmom:

Starting weight: 217

Last weeks weight: 205

This week: 203

First Goal: 200

Ultimate goal: 150

Week one loss: 2lbs!

Good job everyone!!! You guys all did great so far!!!! There's a possiblity you could have lost 11 lbs in one week with really god eating and extensive excercise like the biggest loser people... but it's not common... so dont be discouraged if next week you only lost 1-3 lbs that's more common....


I think my scale has gone insane. It just gave me another different weight. I think I'm going to buy a new one today.  Don't count me this week.  I'm going to weigh tomorrow morning and get my new start weight and just go from that.

Starting weight: 259

Last weeks weight: 233

This week: 231

First Goal: 220

Ultimate goal: 160

Week one loss: 2lbs!

I can't believe I actually lost weight this week.  I haven't gone to gym once!  Stupid cold!  I need a new scale too.  I have to weigh myself at least 5 times to make sure it's right.  It starts off lower and each time it gradually increases until it get to the right weight.  Hmm, If I can lose 2 pounds this week without excerissing next week I'd like to lose !!  Good job everyone!!!

Loss loss loss!  Great job guys!  I got on the scale at the doctor's today, and was 178lbs PLUS sweatshirt, sweatpants, and sneakers!  So I'm thinking like, 176?

SW: 181lbs

CW: 176lbs

GW: 150lbs

One week: 1.5lbs! 

Keep it up guys!!!!

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Hi Everyone,

Is it to late to join??? I just joined CC the other night - so I am a bit behind.

Weighing in

Starting weight: 125

Current weight: 121.4

First goal weight: 118

Ultimate goal weight: 105


Thanks! I am looking forward to having motivation buddies!!

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