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Weight Loss
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Has anyone heard of YP10? My Mom is starting it tomorrow and I am kind of worried. The only information I can find on it seems to have been seeded by bloggers (who I am sure were paid). I can't find any information on what is in the pills, or how many calories the meal plan is. 

Any info?

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Anything that advertises 30lb in 30days is only lifting weight from your wallet... and likely to be a very low-calorie, low-nutrient fad diet.  Furthermore -- the person using it will likely put the weight right back on.


Yp10? Total fraud, with a heaping helping of scam-sauce. 

 You just have to read their own product description to realize that - there's no such thing as "vibrational energy infusion" and "science-based homeopathy" is a contradiction in terms.

 So what's in the pills and the drops? Sugar, gum, and water. Maybe some food coloring. And extra-strength placebo.

Just another pack of vultures preying on people's insecurities to defraud them.

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