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Weight Loss
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5''7 / 5''8 young girls. whats your ideal weight?

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Im 132 or 127 and a half. ( my home and gym have different readings! :| )

Im looking to get down to about 119 before my holiday and thats in just less than 1 month. so reallly soon!

What are you all looking to lose? and what do you think is a healthy weight for people our height?

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I'm five seven and I currently weigh 135lbs.  I want to get down to 115 before I go back to school in september!

thats kinda low isnt it?

I'm 5'8 and I'd love just to get back down to 145, which is a well-fitting size 8 (US) on me.

Actually, the difference between 5'8" and 119lbs and 5'7" and 115lbs isn't that great. (BMI for the former is 18.1 and for the latter it'll be 18).

That being said, i have found the whole deal about a 'healthy weight' somewhat arbitrary. While by official standards, a BMI below 18.5 puts one at risk of malnutrition, i think things also ultimately depend on your diet, lifestyle and genes. If you're naturally thin, it doesn't make much sense to force feed yourself to keep to the official standard. Same goes for people who would typically have a BMI of around 21. The bottom line is, whether you are getting the requisite nutrition. (: I tend to use radiance rather than weight as a guide––if you're literally glowing (pink healthy cheeks and bright eyes), chances are you're at a healthy weight.

Doedoebird, I like that new evaluation trick. I'm not even sure what 5'8 and 145 pounds is bmi-wise, but that's the weight I remember being when I was in the best shape, felt the best, and looked good doing it. I'm 162 pounds and 24 years old now, and I'm pretty sure that I haven't been 115 pounds since I was about 11, so I know that for me personally, that would not be a healthy weight, nor would I be at all happy continuously struggling to keep it down there.
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I'm 5' 7" and somwhere around 155 right now.  My weight has fluctuated a lot and I can tell you that below 130, I looked too thin.  I lacked that glow somebody talked about.  At this point, I'm aiming for 135.  It's a really reasonable weight and I don't think I look too thin at that weight.

I'm around 5'8 and weigh around 125.... but I have hardly any muscle, it's all just fat on me so I'm not really looking to drop LB's, just to burn off some of this fat!

I'm 5'7". My realistic goal is 135, and my ideal weight (the weight I dream of being, haha) is 127.

I'm 5'7, I started out at 142.

I'm now down to 128 but would love to go to 125.

My absolute dream weight? 120.

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133. I'm 145 now and 5 foot 8.

I look pretty slim here but I want to give myself some leverage as I never want to over over 140 again. I have tonnes of muscle from sport too.

I'm 5'7" and my goal weight is 140. I will evaluate myself at that point and see if I'm good enough.

5'7" between 140-150... depends on where i land that feels good... and not too hard to maintain.

Hey, I know what you mean. I'm trying to lose weight in one month as well. I've been recovering from an ED as well so it's super hard to not fall back into restricting so much that I just don't eat.

Last November I was 150, and I'm now 127. I was 124 then I went up to 130 and now I'm at 127.

I want to be 120 by December 15th. Not sure if I'll knock off the total 7 lbs but at least 122 by then.


Good luck with your goal :]

Oh, and I'm 5'7.

I am 5'7 and 135.


I usually fluctuate normally about 1-2 pounds. (morning, night thing.) But I would so love it to get lower than 130...

I am "small" boned (as in my wrist size is 5 inches) so a lot of weight does not look good or "natural" on me.
My mother says that I look thin but I just don't see it. So I want to see myself the way others see me (Or pretend to see me.)

Oh, and I used to be close to 150 lbs about 3 months ago. After adjusting my meals and not eating as much as I used to (Or not eating as much *junk* as I used to) I dropped about fifteen pounds. I'm happy for that but I can't shake the feeling that it's not enough.

My ultimate goal weight? I think 120, probably. XD

I'm 5'7" and weigh about 149 (the last time I weighed in at Publix with clothes on about 1 1/2 weeks ago. Two to three years ago I was around 133 and loved it. I def put on more muscle weight but there is def some flab around my thighs and belly areas. I know I am not at all fat, but I would like to go back down to around 135 again, by eating healthy and toning up.

MY ultimate weight goal would be 120/125 area. I wanna be skinny, not just average. But for now, I am aiming to get toned and in the 135 area. Just taking it one goal at a time.

By September: 140 (9lbs in a month and a half? I think I can do it)

By November/December: 135 and very toned!

By 2010: 130 :)

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134 lbs of healthy, glorious muscle.


I'm 5'8" and currently only one pound away from my long-time UGW of three years - 110!

But I'm also trying to tone up etc so I expect that number to go up. So long as it's muscle and NOT fat, I'm not worried :)

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I'm 5'7 and my goal is 135 (CW is 142) .... I may try to get to 130 but it depends how I look / feel when I get to 135.

I couldn't imagine being 115, I think I was 12 or 13 the last time I weighed that much and I was probably only 5'4 lol

im five seven and 120 pounds. im 14 years old.

i want to mostly burn off stomach fat,

i am looking to get down to 114.

but, 110 is my dream weight.

my friends always tell me i'm too fat, and that i have

to lose serious weight, but my family tells me im healthy& if

i lose weight i'll be way to skinny. i keep my self active with

dance Aand cheer though, so its all good.

what do you think? should i lose weight?

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