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Yogurt: good or bad???

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Okay, so somebody set the record straight: is yogurt good or bad for weight loss. I hear some studies say it helps burn fat, but so many people ban dairy from their diet when they want to lose weight. So which is it!

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um i'm quite sure it's good for you. i only think people cut out whole fat dairy products when they try to loose weight. low fat products are very good for you

They ban dairy from their diet for the same reason other people ban carbs from their diets.  There is a lot of misinformation out there.  Your body needs the calcium and fats provided from whole foods.  Low fat foods may taste better than they used too, but they are over processed and have more added ingredients then whole foods.

You can get calcium from non-dairy sources, but believe me, it is hard to get all of your calcium that way, not impossible, it just takes a lot of research and logging foods to get the RDA.

Plain 6% yogurt is the only dairy product that my body will tolerate and only in small doses.  Lactose intolerance has horrible side effects.

Yogurt is an excellent food.  There is good evidence to support partitioning benefits - not small benefits either - but "substantial and real and honest fat over muscle in a very big way" type of benefits.

If you're in your "diet phase" I'd make yogurt 20% of your calories for 50% of your week.

i eat bryers light yogar with only 80 calories and 7g sugar.. yeah its good for you

Greek yogurt is great for you!! The benefits of having both dairy and some fats in your diet outweight any fad diet that bans all dairy.

Forget thinking about foods that will help or hurt weight loss.  There are no magic foods.  All fresh foods with high nutritional value are good for you.  All you have to do is control your portions and stay within your calorie target.  Burn more calories than you eat and you'll lose weight. 

Personally, I do not eat dairy because I'm vegan... Ive seen soy based and coconut based yogurts, but I've never tried them. 

There are studies that show dairy can aid in weight loss.  However, also, remember what milk is for... to fatten up baby calves

If you try to stick with low cal/fat, you will probably be okay.  I'm not trying to convert anybody to veganism :) 

>>Forget thinking about foods that will help or hurt weight loss.  There are no magic foods.<<


Quoted for truth. There are no magic foods.

If you want to lose or maintain weight, count calories. Calories are what matters.

And I'm a believer in yogurt, by the way, eating it almost every day :) Whole yogurt (no lowfat or fatfree for me), because it simply tastes best.

Low- and non-fat dairy products have actually been shown in studies to help burn body fat and increase weight loss, regardless of calories.

I eat multiple cups of either plain yogurt, Greek yogurt, or low-fat unsalted cottage cheese every day. I can eat 3,000 calories and not gain a pound. I also Eat Clean and exercise too, and that, along with the lean protein, calcium, and minerals in nonfat dairy products has really helped me.

It depends on which one you buy. I would say the high sugar, fruity yogurt would be better kept in moderation. However, the plain nonfat yogurt had live and active cultures which aid in your digestion since its pretty much bacteria working through the food in your stomach and making it easier to get out of you. Kefir is also very good for this along with Miso and Saurkraut (anything fermented really). Hope that helped.

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I lost 50 pounds eating yogurt.  I gained 50 pounds eating yogurt.

Don't obsess over the food.  Count the calories and maintain a deficit and you'll lose weight.

If you like yogurt, I would include it in your diet.  If you do not like yogurt, don't eat it. 

It is a healthy food and high is calcium.  If you do choose to include yogurt, I would compare labels carefully.  A lot of yogurt is really high in sugar.  Personally, I love fat-free plain greek yogurt.  It only had 120 calories in a cup.  I mix it with what ever fresh fruit I have.  It is great in smoothies also.

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Evidence suggests that low fat dairy products when dieting is better than having no dairy products. There was a programme on tv earlier on this week highlighted this.

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