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Yogurt Diet

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Hey guys!

I've been doing a lot of research and have decided to start on a yogurt diet! Some claim to lose 5 pounds after one week of eating only yogurt. I'm not sure if this is entirely healthy, but maybe a few days wouldn't hurt? I do know that many people who incorporate 2-3 servings of yogurt per day in their diet lose weight quicker and keep it off easier than people who don't. Anyway, let me know what you think!


**A lot of people have been saying not to only eat yogurt for days at a time. I am well aware of this and when I said a "yogurt diet" I just meant that I've been eating yogurt 2-3 times a day with smaller portioned meals. What I wrote above is what I found while researching the positive effects of eating yogurt. Please do not jump to conclusions and say that I am supporting eating disorders, which I clearly am not doing.

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I wouldn't recommend this at all, it's not sustainable. There is no quick fix for weight loss. If you do this 'diet', chances are you will gain the weight back. 

However, yogurt is really good for you. So instead of doing a yogurt only diet, substitute something you currently eat thats not so healthy with yogurt. I eat 0% fat Greek yogurt every day, it's packed with protein and it's great for digestive issues. 

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That sounds like an absolutely horrible idea.  Remember, there is a huge difference between weight loss and actually becoming more healthy, and the latter should ALWAYS come first.  You can incorporate extra yogurt into your diet without relying on it entirely.  To do so would deprive your body of MANY of the valuable vitamins and nutrients that it needs to run properly. 

I love yogurt and eat it about 2 times a day.  I almost always have some greek yogurt for breakfast with some honey, granola, and blueberries thrown in.  And then I put yogurt into the fruit smoothies I drink most nights.  But this yogurt is just a part of a healthy and balanced diet.  If you were to eat yogurt for a week, then you would lose a few pounds, but they would be gained right back before you know it.  Again, remember the difference between becoming smaller and becoming healthier.

No No No No No.

It's neither wise nor healthy to just eat one food item ~ no matter how much (or how quickly) you desire to lose weight.  The key to successful weight loss is to eat a reasonable, well-balanced diet coupled with exercise.

Calorie Count's mission is to promote healthy and sustainable weight management. Please help our moderators follow this vision and respect the following guidelines.

Promotion of starvation diets or habits that exhibit signs of an eating disorder ("pro-ana", "pro-mia", etc.) is prohibited.

I love greek yogurt, but that is just nuts.  You know how sick of yogurt you'd be?

Of course the idea of doing all one thing makes it sound so simple.  You dont have to think about food or deal with choices... but we need a varied diet.  To have a combination of fiber, protien, healthy fats, nutrients from fruits and veggies.

And anything...  I dont care if it's chocolate, scotch, or great cheese (picking my favorites perhaps) will get old really fast.  Adding Yogurt to your daily food consumption is good, but only 1 meal a day or it will not only fail, but ruin yogurt for you.

Not to mention back up your pipes like crazy. and the high sugar contents and (often times) fat contents as well, oi!

'Probiotics' aside, bodies do not digest milk properly by itself- it needs something ELSE to go with it- fruits, veggies, whole grains and breads. Otherwise, you'll either have horrible diarrea or be backed up for days...

and the gas. Oh the gas....

That's a horrible idea.  I'm sorry.  I hate to admit this and I really don't mean to sound rude, but I actually laughed when I read it because I thought this was a satire post in the Lounge or something.

Read up about nutrition and healthy eating.  Your body needs certain nutrients in proper amounts to function at its strongest and best performance.  Your organs (including your brain) needs these calories and nutrients to survive.  If you tried to live on just yogurt, even for a few days, you're going to feel like crap, you won't have any energy, you won't be able to think clearly.  Why do that to yourself?

The key to healthy, sustainable weight loss is relatively simple. It just takes some commitment and patience. Take in less calories than you burn.  Find a reasonable calorie deficit (through healthy eating, portion control, and exercise) and stick to it, and you will see results.  Make sure you're getting enough nutrients and fiber, and protein.  Find creative ways to cook your favorite meals, or budget them in so that you aren't restricting yourself from the things you love.

DO incorporate some high protein Greek yogurt into your daily diet, mix in some fruit to sweeten it if you need to.  But please don't try to make shortcuts by eating nothing but yogurt.  You will regret it.

Yoghurt is extremely good for health. Its probiotic, is hypoallergenic, a high source of protein and calcium as well as low cal....but I think you will find it very hard to stick to it for a week. I tried a version of this some years ago and by the 2nd or 3rd day the very sight of yoghurt would make me want to throw up. I went off yoghurt for almost 6 months which is bad because its a fantastic low cal yet nutritious food. 

I would suggest that instead of going on a yoghurt only diet you try to incorporate more yougurt into your daily meals. Make yoghurt smoothies with fresh fruits (even a plain yogurt smoothie-yoghurt, water, sugar and some salt-tastes great). Or, whisk yoghurt in a bowl and add diced cucmber, tomatoes, red onions and some pineapple bits. Or, add finely chopped dill pickles and some salt, sugar, paprika to a bowl of really thick greek yoghurt and use as a dip/spread.

Oh my gosh, I wouldn't want to see the state of your bowels/toilet after that week. Bleurgh.

^eww! And I was thinking "ew gross, eating yogurt all the time" (don't get me wrong, I like yogurt. Just not all day). I didn't think about the other end.

i haven't tried yogurt diet. how's it been so far?
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Original Post by vanessa122:

i haven't tried yogurt diet. how's it been so far?

Why do you even want to know?  It sounds terribly unhealthy and any sane person would caution against such a "diet".  Finally, it is totally against the spirit of CC, in that you are leading to a discussion of the possible "merits" of an unhealthy and unsustainable eating habit.  We don't need impressionable people inquiring about such bad habits.  I'm all for discussing things to their full extent, but I would hate for some kid to wander into a thread like this and say "oh, a yogurt diet!  I wanna try that!". 

I have to agree with everyone.  Choosing only one item to eat is neither healthy or sustainable.  I personally have 2 Carb Master Yogurts everyday for snacks, but I also eat lots of healthy vegetables, fruits, poultry, etc. 

Don't do that to your body.  It will only come back times 2.

Original Post by lilycassie:

Oh my gosh, I wouldn't want to see the state of your bowels/toilet after that week. Bleurgh.

 That too! Laughing

I don't think any diet that doesn't let you eat a wide variety of foods to get all the nutrition you need is healthy.  You might lose weight but at what cost?  I eat about one yoghurt a day usually in the evening as a snack and it satsifies my sweet tooth and is only about 100 calories for some protein and calcium as well as promoting healthy digestion.  I think it is a healthy food to include, but, shouldn't be the only food.  Let us know if you do it and how it works out for you.

i don't know anything about this yogurt diet but i can't seem to imagine eating just yogurt even for just a week.

The regular flavored yogurt like Yoplait, Fruit on the Bottom etc., are loaded with sugars unless they state otherwise.  Having Greek plain yogurt with or without toppings several times per week, even once or twice a day- now that WOULD be healthy and probably assist you in your weightloss.  I would not use it as a meal sub more than one time/day. 

Original Post by a_c_m: instead of doing a yogurt only diet, substitute something you currently eat thats not so healthy with yogurt.


Really, editing your food intake down to one item only, however healthy that food may be... is just not good for your weight, taste buds or your health.

You certainly would lose weight, because;

a) you would not be able to consume a sensible amount of calories by eating yogurt alone (which means this is basically just another crash diet).

b) as other posters have suggested, you will become thoroughly bored with a yogurt only diet after only a couple of days.

c) the lack of other nutrients would make you ill. Whatever you do to it, yogurt is not a complete food by itself. Humans are omnivores, designed to eat a variety of foods in order to provide your body with the nutrients it needs to be healthy.

Crash diets are not healthy, they damage your metabolism and they do not work! All weight lost during the crash phase will be regained as the dieter resumes a more normal food intake. Fad and crash diets are a complete waste of time. And don't waste your money on "diet foods" either.

Instead, shop the perimeter of your supermarket, eat a variety of foods, incorporating whole grains, fresh produce and lean meat, some dairy (including yogurt) and nuts and pulses. Watch your portion control and you will have a healthy diet that satisfies you, gives you energy and makes you feel and look well. Who could beat that?

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