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Yogurt diet

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okay I have decided to try an attempt an all yogurt diet.  Non fat yogurt.  I will also allow for some fruit and salad.  I am taking supplements so I get all the nutrients and what not.  I have gained a lot of weight in the past year 10-15 pounds and want to get back to being 100lbs (im really short so yes this is would be a healthy weight for me).  Anyway, anyone up for trying it with me?  I figure yogurt for breakfast and my own smoothies and salads shouldn't be too hard if I had someone to lean on.  Anyone up for it?  I start tomorrow.  I just ordered papa johns, so clearly today is not the day, but tomorrow I'm really really taking this seriously.  I'm an actress so my future career depends on it.   Anyway, I hope someone else with join me.

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opps almost forgot, I'm about 112 lbs right now, so I figure maybe add another pound after my pizza gets here hehe.  But yep super excited to start tomorrow!  I do have the tendency to indulge in junk food (in case the pizza wasn't a dead give away), but with the help of someone else I know I will be able to have self control.  We can support each other.  It doesn't even have to be yogurt, you can do your own diet.  I just really want a supporter.  And please don't lecture me about this not being healthy because I have done the reasearch believe it or not. 

Hey there! I will do it with you! We can lean on each other! I am going to do yogurt, juices, and some fruit. But mostly juice. So I could use the support as well!

I have more like 50 pounds to lose! But I think that this will be a good way to jump start it. I have already been counting calories for a week or so and am finally getting down to a reasonable intake level.

I am starting tomorrow as well! I'm not so bad with junk food in general, but sweets is what gets me. So we can over come this together!

Happy dieting! Hope to hear how your first day went!

Er....if you've done your research, you might find that the yogurt adds a lot of sugar.  And seeing that you're only eating nonfat yogurt, you're completely deriving your system of much needed fats.  I seriously don't think this will be very healthy...

You might be right on that. I am sticking with mostly carrot juice and unsweetened apple juice. I have some yogurt left that I need to use up - will probably use it up for breakfast in the morning. Mine is only low fat, not as much sugar. I plan to eat a couple bananas, an orange, a couple apples and some strawberries to supplement the juice.

I am only planning on this strict regiment for a few  days. Then I will slowly start back on more normal food.

Thanks for the advice tho! I hadn't thought about all the sugar! I need to stay away from sugar as much as possible - except the natural sugars in the fruit.

Original Post by white_sakura:

Er....if you've done your research, you might find that the yogurt adds a lot of sugar.  And seeing that you're only eating nonfat yogurt, you're completely deriving your system of much needed fats.  I seriously don't think this will be very healthy...

 http://www.webmd.com/food-recipes/news/200503 17/yogurt-may-help-burn-fat-promote-weight-lo ss

I never thought about the sugar part.  I just saw this article and well the study sounded so good.  I liked the result part

It sounds like its to be used as a supplement only. Eaten 3 times a day in the right portions. Not only eating yogurt though. Try adding the things I am. Carrot juice is amazing for you! It has so many nutrients and is low cal.

Add in some fruit and some veggies (no adding stuff to them - just fresh and raw, or steamed at most). Sugar is not our friend! It turns into fat to easily.

I plan to walk for at least 30 minutes a day as well. A brisk walk, not over doing it tho. Drink LOTS of water! Supplement in some green tea as well. If you need any sweetener for that, try raw, wild honey.

We can get through this and make it great and healthy! Give me ideas and I'll continue to give you mine. And we'll keep updated on the weight we are loosing as well.

I am with you! I am returning home in a month after studying abroad and although I don't have a scale, I'm pretty sure the pounds have creeped up on me and I'd like to at least get back to where I was before I left home maybe even a couple pounds lighter if possible! Do you plan on doing any specific exercises? I try and run and do yoga as much as possible but have been slacking off in the past week. 

Original Post by lillangelk:
 And please don't lecture me about this not being healthy because I have done the reasearch believe it or not. 

You're right; I don't believe you. I feel sorry for your intestines trying to process that much lactose at one time.

i will join you. i will allow myself fruits, vegetables and yogurt.


how long are we planning on doing this for? a week?

Hmm, the yogurt diet?  No, I won't be joining you or anyone that falls for that health hazzard in disguise.

I am planning on doing it for as close to a week as possible. LOTS of water, juice and fruits and vegetables.

As far as exercise, while cutting back so drasticly on a normal caloric intake, you can't push yourself to hard. Brisk walking and yoga are the best exercise for a limited diet. Stretch before and after walking, and walk for at least 30 minutes.

More to come on my plan later.....must be off to work.

http://www.bellinstitute.com/bihn/topic/secti on_detail.aspx?cat_1=18&selectCatID=18&am p;catID=18&itemID=125

This is from the research company that did this study you are referring to.  It does say "Dairy Calcium:  One piece of the weight management puzzle."

They also did this study using obese people and added yogurt to their low calorie diets....didn't say how many calories that was.

Of course, do what you feel is right.  I think others just post on here with their different opinions because we want to promote good health and the type of diet you are talking about, which doesn't use all the food groups, usually isn't healthy.  Good luck to you. 

I read the reasearch you offered and this was in the first paragraph!

"Researchers found that obese adults who ate three servings of fat-free yogurt a day as part of a reduced-calorie controlled diet."

1) If you are 15 lbs overweight then you are not obese.

2) the article definitely states that yogurt should be INCLUDED AS PART OF A CALORIE CONTROLLED DIET. Not just yogurt, with a bit of fruit and a small salad now and then.

3) even if you do lose weight on the diet you propose, you will regain everything you lost as soon as you return to a normal diet (even if you continue to exclude junk food).

4) unless you are eating GALLONS of yogurt, your daily calorie count will be ridiculously low. I am sure you have heard of starvation mode by now. This is what your body will resort to, in order to hang on to every calorie you eat, because this diet will not be enough to sustain your body's needs.

To the OP. If you are serious about losing weight, do it sensibly and slowly and you will see permanent, sustainable results without damaging your metabolism and making you unhealthy.

Fast weight loss diets DO NOT WORK because they are not sustainable!

>>I feel sorry for your intestines trying to process that much lactose at one time.>>

Although I totally agree that an all yogurt diet is not a very healthy diet, the lactose will not be the problem.  What makes yogurt sour is that the lactose in milk has been fermented to lactic acid by the beasties, so no significant lactose remains.

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you need grains and meat or meat alternatives in that diet as well


4 food groups!! 

Way to take a simple "yogurt can be a healthy part of your diet" study and turn it into a fad diet that will do more harm than good. Congrats.

THE ________  DIET doesn't work. 

Eating a balanced diet that doesn't focus on one food or food group is the only way to eat a healthy diet.

Eating only yogurt is silly, what's the point of all thoes great pro and pre biotics if you don't consume ANY fibre with them (which is what helps them do anything at all)??

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this goes against what calorie count is supposed to be about. this is an incredibly unhealthy idea and the fact that you are trying to garner support for it and get others to join you is deplorable. i'm 5'2" and my healthy weight range is 101-136 but i would have to absolutely starve myself to be anything under 110. if you read any of the material on this site by the actual registered dietiticians or if you see a nutritionist/personal trainer, no one would recommend that you eat this way. if it is not a way you can see yourself eating for the rest of your life then it won't work. you will gain all of that weight back as soon as you start eating "normal" food again. the best and only way to stay at a healthy weight for you (and I am certain that at 112 you are still thin with a relatively low BMI) is to eat a balanced diet, practice portion control, and exercise regularly. if you want to eat like an anorexic please take it somewhere else. thanks.

I'm going on the corrugated box diet wish me luck!

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