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Too much yoghurt- is there such a thing?

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I am a fervent lover of all kind of yoghurts- I take one pot (200g) in the morning, and another smaller serving in the afternoon (100g). Sometimes if I feel like it, I take another pot (150g) of yoghurt after dinner. Am I taking too much, and is too much yoghurt bad for me?

I've heard that yoghurt causes constipation- I'm not sure whether this is true as I've also heard conflicting claims that yoghurt promotes digestion. I don't have very good bowel habits, and I'm prone to constipation, so i'd really like to know is yoghurt causing constipation in me.
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i don't think the yogurt is causing constipation, but if you aren't getting enough fiber and water, that could be causing it.  be sure you get at least 25 gm of fiber every day and plenty of water.  some recommendations are for 1/2 ounce of water for every pound you weigh, so for me, it's 75 oz a day.  
Personally I hate yogurt never eat it and I had a severe case of constipation a year ago and ended up hospitlized twice once ended up with a tube down my nose to suck the stuff out cuz it wasn't going thru-

Eat more fiber as was suggested.  There is that new yogurt called Activia that is suppose to "regulate" your GI Track - I don't know if it works or not.  Try adding raisins or prunes or figs to you yogurt if you want to eat it.  Drink lots of water. 

I found the best thing for me is "Colon Clenz" found in Walmart in the vitamin aisle.  Its not a laxative and I don't use it daily but it works the best for me and its not harsh and doesn't cause the side effects all the others did.
Someone else had the same question here, and it generated some interesting responses: 0061023070753AA8BfsM

Personally, I love yogurt, and I eat at least as much as you do a day! I'm trying to cut back though because calories from yogurt are still calories. *sigh* I'm addicted to dairy though! I used to drink 6 glasses of milk a day. Now that's what... 600 calories minimum?? Craaazy hahah.
I've been using yogurt in place of milk on that idea from the Perricone Diet...anyway, I like it.  Yogurt is my dessert...when I'm eating healthy.  I love Yoplait Whips, even though those are like 160 calories a pot, so you have to watch it. 
Yogurt is fine but everything needs moderation.  I do not think that you are eating that much to affect you.  HOwever, yogurt will kill bacteria good and bad so you have to be careful with how much you ingest.
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Don't know if you have them there, but yoplait "no-fat" is ~100cals/pot - and there's two servings in a pot! As much as I love them (especially the apple pie flavour, and the classic cheesecake - oh, heaven!) it's not that hard to only eat half the pot at a time. Of course, the second half is a lot easier than the first ;)
I eat yogurt everyday and get only yoplait, usually the no-fat, but I like the whips too (150 cals).  I would say I eat 2 every day.  Sytso, you didn't have a profile so didn't know if you were female, but I eat it partly because I'm female, has flora in it which helps to balance yeast levels.  I have never had any problems with eating too much, it only helps me.
Mix some flax cereal into your yogurt.  Very good fiber and other nutrients and the flakes are usually small -- and tasty.

Love yogurt too.  Tangy Greek yogurt is a treasure.
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I eat carbolite yogurt everyday.  At least 8 ounces worth.  That makes for an additional 72 calories a day (not accurately inputed into CC).  Not so bad accept for when I splurge and add to it sugar free chocolate mini chips, low fat graham cracker, sugar free cookies . . . oh my!  Never experienced constipation, but I have read that it aids in losing weight by removing a lot of unhealthy impurities in your body.  Maybe, maybe not.  In any event, I'm losing weight so it couldn't be all bad, plus it helps me in daily protein numbers.
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