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Weight Loss
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yay 50 pounds down

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I hit my 50 pound loss... Took me nine months but I made it.... Now on to the next 50 pound loss... And the journey continues
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Congrats! That is a fantastic effort :)

Fantastic!! That is a huge accomplishment ....go you!! :-)
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Good for you! It will be a challenge but its the best thing you can do for yourself.:)

That's so great!  Congratulations!  All the best to you for the next 50 too :)

Thank you all... Good luck with your weight loss journeys!!!

Cool Cool.

Congrats!  That's awesome!!

AWESOME!  I am nearly with you:  Nearly at nine months, nearly at a 50-pound loss.  I never thought I would be satsified with a slow but steady rate of weight loss.  I wanted huge numbers every week!  Also, the idea of waiting nine months or so was excruciating!  But it has been an exciting journey with lots of rewards along the way.  I've changed clothing sizes several times, I have more endurance in the gym, I feel better.....I guess what I want newcomers to take from this is that you don't have to have lost all your weight before you begin to feel the benefits.  There are lots of things to be happy about along the way.

That's fantastic! My goal is to lose a total of 45-50, and I'm halfway there!

Absolutely amazing! Keep it up!

Congrats and keep it up!!!

That's fantastic - you're doing it the right way, if you lose weight more slowly, you're more likely to keep it off. Your body doesn't believe it's starving and reduce your base metabolic rate. Keep up the amazing work

Congratulations!!!!!!!  9 months is impressive if you ask me!  u are my inspiration today!

Congratulations!  I hit my 7 month mark yesterday and was down 53 pounds.  Lots of hard work and you have so much to be proud of!!!!

Thanks for all the support! It can take us along way!

WOW, Mareg97!  You have done so well! Thanks for getting this thread started, and thanks to all the other participants who have added their wonderfully inspirational words, as well!

I just hit my 35 pound mark in a total of about 5-1/2 months.  How I long to be where you're at now!  Another day of tracking and persistence lies ahead, with the inspiration you give us all, today!  Thanks so much!

Congratulations on your well-earned triumph!  Today is a great day to celebrate! Please keep up the fantastic work, and share with us again, when you reach your next big benchmark!

Congratulations!  Losing the weight slowly and with bumps along the way is a good thing.  When you really have to work to lose the weight, imho, you appreciate and value the weight loss even more.  You know you had to [literally] work your butt off to get where you are and you will pay more attention to your eating habits to insure that you do not go there again, because it is a hard road to travel.

Outstanding !! Way to go !

That is so awesome!  You are amazing!  Keep up the good work!  Kudos to everyone who is losing weight, lets keep motivated to keep going and never look back!

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