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I did it!!!! Yay me.

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I just had to share this with someone.  We had a going away pizza feed at work today.  They must have had 8 different kinds of pizza spread out on the table.  What did I do?  I went and got a delicious healthy salad.  Everyone at work thought I was nuts to pass up pizza.  I didn't even feel deprived in any way.  They all tried to tempt me and tease me, but I wasn't going to have any of it.  Why is it that others will try to break you?  It is as if they want to see you cave and give in to temptation.  I am so glad I found CC to help keep me motivated on my journey to a healthier me.  Thank you to everybody out there.Laughing
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Good for you!  I go through this a lot.  The hospital I work at has the most amazing cafeteria... so far so good though.

Way to go!! That can be really difficult to do at times (I find it is when I'm having a bad day or am in a bad mood - can you say emotional eater?!)

Very good job!!! Keep it up!!!!

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A "pizza feed."  HA.

Good for you!

great for you! congrats for surpassing temptation!!!!!!
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Wow.. Congratulation on your determination ..  You should be proud of your self.

Kep up the good work. 

I've always found it annoying when people try to tease me or tempt me with food.  Guilt tripping is the absolute worst though.

I don't see why people can't comprehend the concept that I really don't want that food and I'm happy with my decision to not eat it.
Congrats!  That's awesome! 

Oh, but how annoying that everyone was trying to temp to you to eat pizza!!!  What savages! 
good for you! i kinda had something similar happen this week to. I was on a thing at school to do with dont drink and drive(like i would anyways) and i knew there was going to be pizza served for lunch but i brought a good sandwhich instead and ate that lol.
pizza yum, but if you can pass on it when its in front of you then i can say no as well so im off to get some soup for lunch (its cold, wet and rainy here - dieting in london is so hard just makes you want to huddle in the office and drink hot chocolate).

Good for you thats fantastic!

Hurray for you!  I bet by that afternoon you were the only one who was still alert and not completely miserable (and sleepy ...)

Congratulations, good willpower!

Good for you! I hope the next time I'm faced with that kind of situation I can make the same decision.

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