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can yall give me pics of how much 5'3 160 lbs looks please?

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i weigh 160, can you tell me how much you think i look like i weigh? my mom does nothing but tell me how big i look and stuff but for my weight and me being 5'3 i dun think i look that big. i think most is muscle, but i want the truth how much do u think i look like i weigh? how much do you think i need to lose? .i have never weighed this much before in my life i gained it in a couple of months from sitting at home doing absolutely nothing but eating for a few months. maybe yalls pics will help me decide how much i look like i weigh on my own
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Weight varies from person to person depending on their body type and frame. 

I think it is rude and very unhelpful that your mother tells you how big you look.  Have you tried talking to her and telling her how you feel about that?

I think it would be best if you speak with your doctor about an ideal weight for your age/height. 

Since you are still young, I would recommend healthy eating and a good workout plan. 

Good Luck!
I got these results from this Dieting Calculator:

Resting metabolic rate requires 1557 calories per day (basal energy expenditure). 

Calories a day in order to lose weight: 1446.2

Calories required to maintain current weight: 1946.2

Your BMI (body mass index) is:  28.4

Healthy range in pounds:  107.1 to 140.8

*Remember, use the calculations as a guideline.*
I dont think any of us can tell you how much you need to lose, since different amounts of weight look different on different people, and it's hard to factor in things like muscle gain, healthy mbi, etc.  You should just work on doing things that make you feel healthy.  Peronally, I think you look great the way you are because in several of your pictures you look happy and active, and that is what really counts. 

It sounds to me like maybe your mom is concerned that your habits have recently become unhealthy (you mentioned sitting around and doing nothing but eating for a few months).  She probably doesn't realize how hurtful she is being, or that there might be better ways to encourage healthier habits.  Maybe you could try telling her how it makes you feel when she says that, but also that you are planning to make some healthy changes.  Maybe you can get her to join you! Having a health habits buddy can be very helpful, and she's much more likley to be supportive when you include her.
Well...you look about right for your height and weight.  Everyone does carry their weight differently.  The good news....you look pretty solid, not nearly as flabby as some, like me.  I think you should focus more on cardio instead of heavy lifting for now.  I have the same problem....I don't feel big because somehow I stayed very proportioned this time (and still sexy, damn it!).  BUT, if I stand next to my twin sister who weighs about 25-30 lbs less than me it's obvious that she is much much smaller than me.  I know you don't have the luxury of a thinner twin to stand next to, but maybe if you have a skinny friend??  I'm about your height and 135lbs is the cutoff for me...any more and I start to look too chubby.  Hope this helps.
I am your height and I started out a few weeks ago at 160. I have three friends that are about my same height. When one of them told me she was my weight I wasn't surprised, we look about the same. The other two mentioned (all at differnt times) that they were about 160 and I died both times. I never though I looked that fat! After thinking about it I probably was their size too. That made me sad =< I am shooting for about 120. I don't want to go below that, but I for sure want to be below 125. I'm sorry I don't have any pictures to show you. I refues to take any (way to be brave and do it!). I feel fatter then you look.

Just out of curiosity, how much did you weigh in your other picture from last year? Were you happy with that weight?

Good Luck with your "after" pics!

i have no idea i went through a phase where i didn beleive in scales, but i was running everyday for a while in track. so i think i was in pretty good shape
I used to be about 160, but I am around 5'4" tall.  I looked at your pics, but and I have one question.  Why is the face blacked out on the "before" pictures of you?  We can all see your face in the other picture...Just wondering.
Sounds to me like you might have been on the right track there, lol oops, no pun intended, really.  But if you were eating healthy & doing all that running it was probably a wonderful thing you were avoiding scales.  :)

Ok, now keep in mind weight shows on everyone differently and even on ourselves differently through the years when we reach the same weight, but because I happen to have some pics not far off & you asked I stuck one in my profile for you if you look in the pictures.  I was about 5'2 167 lbs.  Your numbers would have made you a little thinner than me at that time & your legs probably were a lot better to because of you running, but for what it's worth.. go fish.  It's in there.  lol
I'm guessing she blacked those out, as I would have because of how little she is wearing in those pics.  At least if the photo shows up on some obnoxious web site this way, her face isn't in it.  Yes, the most creative pigs can still do what they want, but why make it easy.  lol
my hair wasnt fixed and i thought i looked bad lol.
Awww..makes sense.  :0)
aha.  Makes sense.  lol  Probably best you did that anyway.  People can be real jerks & this site isn't exactly exclusive to well intention people just looking for support.  :)
hey Robin, I wish I was still that gorgeous! lol. I weighed about the same when I was 19 and I think the problem is that when you are a teenager, you are relatively thin, though as you become a woman you put on a little more. You look really healthy and I think that you need to tell your mother that it is your body, you are healthy and happy with the way that you look and that her comments are really unhelpful and upsetting!!! As long as you keep active every day and eat well, you will be fine :)
try this :)


then you can change the weight and measurements and see how you will look losing a little or not.
robin_k, you do look overweight. But since that's the case, I guess it's a good thing that you found this website, now isnt it?

If you're 5' 3", then I'm inclined to say you should probably lose 20-30 pounds, but don't take my word for it.
my daughter is 5 foot 3 and she carries mostly in her rear. really depends on where you carry your weight. she is most comfortable at around 115. at that weight she wears a 3/5.

cardio really helps her a lot to stay that size. good luck
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That makes your bmi 28.2, only 5 or 6lbs off being classed as medically obese.  If your real, which I doubt because how can you think most of your weight is muscle when you say you sit at home doing nothing, you should really think about doing something about your weight sooner rather than later.  The bigger you get, the harder it is to loose I'm afraid.
Ask your mom to cool it. Tell her that if she keeps making you feel bad about yourself, you're never going to get healthy or in shape. Tell her you need her encouragement and support.
yea but i work out everyday, i just ate alot cuz i sat home everyday and was stressed out from graduating and couldnt find another job. i do not think i look like i weigh 160. my mom loves making me feel horrible. my whole family has always criticised me when i got a little chunky and now i weigh 160 there really making me feel horrible.
I think it is very common for people to not think they look their weight... and some don't.  I also don't think that there is a specific "look" for each weight. 

Do you know your frame type/size?  It all depends what size frame you have as to what weight would be good for you.   You can use this Body Frame Calculator to determine your frame size.

You said that you work out everyday but ate alot also.

What kind of workouts are you doing?

What are you eating?

If you are a member of a gym, I would see if they could do a body fat testing.  You said that most of your weight is muscle and this would be a good way to tell for sure. 

You can use this Body Fat Percentage Calculator to get a general idea.  You will need your measurements for your waist, hip, height, and neck.  So take your measurements and check out what your estimated body fat percentage is. 

Per this website, this is for young women:

<16% body fat is very low
16%-19% is low
20%-28% is optimal
29%-31% is moderately high
>31% is high

According to your BMI (28.4) you are overweight but not obese.

A healthy range for someone 5'3" would be 107lbs - 140lbs.
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